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Finally the long awaited BRISIN project has taken off with the pilot in FCT. The system which President Muhammadu Buhari administration  believes would aid in running an inclusive social welfare government should start with People living with disability and less privileged.  These vulnerable groups have always been abandoned for years by previous administrations, and has given the international organization criticising Nigeria as on the countries with less interest on these categories of citizens.
The Administration of President Muhammadu Buhari is setting a record for Nigeria and other African countries where the vulnerables had been abandoned for years.
The implementation of DISABILITY DATA BANK, is meant to start the main BRISIN System Infrastructure in Nigeria, opening the biggest and greatest employment opportunity in Nigeria.
BRISIN Service Provider


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Nigeria should cure the most dreaded sickness to become a credible nation, each time the country wishes to do anything better, the hammer keep heating on the need for data, while BRISIN has been there for them


BRISIN is the Nigerian integrated data and information system approved since 2007 but delayed for selfish interest. Steering Committee and Technical Committee inaugurated and all the reviews done with no correction on the original concept, the disability data bank should help to make amends by the government. Huge sum of money has been already expended by the Service Provider, and must be paid back by FGN, it would be funny to spend such huge money without citizens benefiting from the enormous benefit of the project, which include but not limited to permanently solving the problems like;


  1. Nigeria seen as country of falsity and lies
  2. Difficulty running an all-inclusive government, with PWD as part of us.
  3. Difficulty distributing the palliatives to the neediest and equally
  4. Difficulties sharing the national wealth equitably and equally
  5. Non verifiable data for all documentations
  6. Difficulty monitoring our economy
  7. Difficulties controlling criminalities and terrorism
  8. Difficulties in creating job opportunities
  9. Impossibilities in managing our social welfare
  10. Impossibilities on monitoring Health, Education and Migration
  11. Impossibility of monitoring and controlling the revenues and its applications
  12. Create a credible social security numbers
  13. Impossibilities to evaluate our own professionals and where best suited
  14. Impossibilities to let our youths know area to develop their skills
  15. Etc

Hamza Idris, Nigerian Youth


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Dr Samuel Ankeli, Senior Special Assistant to the President on Disability Matters, while commenting on the establishment of a data bank on the People Living with Disability (PLWD) said, this is the first time in the history of this country, a concrete action is taken by any government toward building a system for data governance, that would give room for accurate planning and management of (PLWD)

The Presidential aide said his office will coordinate all other stakeholders to join resources in building this centralised data bank for good planning and management of these less privileged members that are difficult to manage as at now.

The Presidential aide, however, confirmed that it had been difficult to get accurate data to plan for PLWD. We don’t know how many people living with disability, most time, we guess and rely on foreign organisations to give us figures about our people. This has made life difficult not only for people living with disability but for people in governance. We have some baseline surveys that are not realistic, that is why we decided to work with BRISIN as quickly as possible and get it functional.

So that we can have a system on ground that will constantly and continuously give us information so that when we process it, we can use the data to apply for planning and policy.

We are talking about Bill for disability; we can’t come up with concrete evidence to say this is the number of people living with disability in the country.’’ According to Dr Ankeli, a lot of risk factors prevailing in the country now, from terrorism attack to herdsmen/farmers clash, auto-mobile accidents and terminal diseases. Not to forget the recent visa restrictions inflicted on Nigeria by United State and EU government just because we lack correct data and information in Nigeria.

He said there was no proper record on those factors, especially for PLWD. Who keeps records? Is the number reducing or increasing? We need to get this data correct. I am convinced BRISIN is the answer and best option for us to have effective, efficient, sincere and scientific information in Nigeria specifically on people living with disability across Nigeria,’’ the Presidential aide said.

Dr Ankeli commended the President and Federal Government for including the PLWD in the Social Investment Programme, noting that the people were initially neglected.

The Senior Special Assistant to Mr President, however, called for support from well meaning and patriotic Nigerians, Oil and Gas companies, Communication and ICT companies, Banks and organized private sectors, donors and international organization, State Governors, Local government Chairmen, and all the stakeholders on the issues with (PLWD, IDP and Less privileged) in Nigeria.

The data bank is not for us alone its for everyone, lets join hand and build it for the future of our country.



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A Nigerian in Diaspora, Mr Haruna Idris, has called on other Nigerians in Diaspora to advocate for improved data collection and documentation in the country.

Idris made the call in a statement made available to newsmen on Monday in Abuja.

He restated the importance of data to every nation, saying that Nigeria lacked an efficient data system which had resulted in setback for the people and the nation at large.

Idris said with adequate data, the recent Visa restriction of Nigerians by the American Government, Boko Haram attack, insecurity issues, terrorism, corruption, unemployment, social vices among others could be addressed.

According to him, the Basic Registry and Information System in Nigeria (BRISIN), introduced by President Olusegun Obasanjo is key to an efficient data system in the country.

He said BRISIN, if implemented would ensure accurate data system that was devoid of speculations and falsehood.

“ The news from international organisation says we have 25 million people living with disability without proper care and over 60 per cent of Nigerians are living in poverty; Speculations.

“Is it not time we know who is who and what is what in Nigeria? Is it not time we start building Nigerian data and information system called BRISIN?

“We adopted this as our system since 2007, why have we not implemented it? The FCT pilot was to start since, and they have been budgeting for it.

“I think if President Muhammadu Buhari actually wants to curb corruption, create employment and stop Boko Haram in Nigeria, he should implement BRISIN.

“I read the proposal of Dr Anthony Uwa on Board of Data Governance and I personally think it’s a big boost to the Government.

“All of us in the Diaspora will certainly play our part if called upon as Nigeria is our country and our joy is to see it working with credibility,’’ he said.

Idris said the visa restriction by the President of the United State of America, Donald Trump, on the giant of Africa (Nigerian) was a friendly action to help Nigeria do what is right for its country.

According to him, Nigeria is considered a rich country in Africa, but no one can tell where the wealth is, its economic value and impact on its citizen.

He said: “We have all speculated claims full of falsehood, and want countries that took time to organise themselves to accept us with false documents.

“They have been doing it all these while just to pity us, believing that allowing us to stay in their organised system we would have learnt from them to build our own system.

“Rather we continued to remain in the state of helplessness, Ignorance, shamelessness, and stupidity, only to wake up and talk when the reality faces us.

“The North East of Nigeria is almost taken by foreigners and we have become refugees in our own country, I urge President Buhari to give immediate order for the full implementation of BRISIN for the benefit of Nigerian.

“ I am also calling on all Nigerians in Diaspora to add their voice to this to avoid further embarrassment to the country.


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Nigerian government were told in the year 2000 that if the instrument of data governance was not created in Nigeria, it would be very difficult to meet up with developmental trends.

President Olusegun Obasanjo at the G8 meeting in Italy requested to understand why data governance is so important and what to do to create data governance in Nigeria.

The synonym used to simplify language understanding was e-government, this as we know did not detailed the fundamental platform for data governance, so Basic Registry and Information System in Nigeria BRISIN, was introduced to him by group of solution providers led by Dermo Impex of Italy.

A lengthy process that took almost 6 years to understand how this single instrument can resolve all ailment of a nation like Nigeria, with various ethnic, religious, tribal, and other sentiments, outside national vices like Terrorism, internal criminality, unemployment, health and education, and mostly documentation issues. Mr President, taking the bold step to run all necessary due diligence, and due process requested the for Series of consultations and presentation at all MDAs and finally Nigerian Government sent technical experts to Italy to have on the ground knowledge and experience on how it works in Italy and whether it would fit Nigerian multi problematic situations

At the return of the team led by the Statistician general of the Federation Dr Vincent Akinyosoye, that President Obasanjo gave provisional approval, and the visionary Minister of FCT now Governor of Kaduna State budgeted to start the pilot in FCT.

In 2007 the Hon Minister/Deputy Chairman of National Planning (Senator Walli) presented it to Federal Executive Council (FEC) and it was ratified and approved for implementation in Nigeria



For the delay in BRISIN implementation, Nigeria has the problem of Security, among other things and now the embarrassment of international credibility on data and information making our documents like passport and I.D cards not credible

Looking at what Nigeria could have achieved if the implementation of BRISIN was not delayed;

  • Data on every human being in Nigeria should have been known and his or her activities would be monitored
  • All foreigners in Nigeria should have been known and their activities monitors
  • Nigerian economy should have been known and monitored and controlled
  • Crime should have been reduced to minimum and it should have been easy to identify criminals
  • Terrorist would have left Nigeria because Security Agents should have used the data and information shared to fish out any terrorist
  • Employment would have been massive in every aspect of the economy
  • Every income earner, should have been paying Tax
  • VAT should have been the hub for internal generated revenue and every commercial and economic operator should have been paying
  • Health and Education should have regained their quality in Nigeria
  • Social welfare would have received commendations
  • Investors should have been flooding Nigeria on every aspect of our economy
  • Government credibility would have reach the sky
  • Nigerians in the Diaspora would have channelling their investment towards Nigeria
  • African Nations would have been coming to Nigeria to help develop their economy
  • The would would start respecting Nigeria.

Today a leap in the right direction comes from the creation of the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development another reason for urgent use of BRISIN system as a base for data governance and achieve their mandate

To avoid further embarrassment, an immediate national board of data governance need to be constituted with BRISIN as their reference point, and the NSA, Hon, Ministers of Interior, Humanitarian Affairs, Science & Technology and Finance as institutional Members. The SG of NBS, 5 experts from the private sectors and 3 from Academia to be members.

While the office of SGF assume the responsibility to lead in the coordination of BRISIN implementation in Nigeria

Dr Anthony Uwa

Head of BRISIN implementation in Nigeria.










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The president on the occasion of Nigeria’s 59th Independence day speech re-iterated his administration’s commitment to the ‘change mantra for better’ governance through maintaining the national security, accelerating sustainable and inclusive economic growth and development,  fighting corruption against all internal and external threats as well as restoring confidence to Nigerians.

It is pertinent to note the BRISIN interpretation of Mr President intention on the following extracts;

  1. Good governance and economic development cannot be sustained without an enabling environment of peace and security.
  2. ACCELERATING SUSTAINABLE AND INCLUSIVE ECONOMIC GROWTH. Our population growth rate remains amongst the highest in the world, presenting both challenges as well as opportunities. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that we provide adequate resources to meet the basic needs of our teeming youths.

In fighting corruption, we are determined to ensure that transparency and good governance are institutionalized in public services. We must commit to installing a culture of good governance in all we do.

The above excerpt from the President speech raised mixed questions like “WE HAVE HEARD THESE OVER AND AGAIN, SO WHAT IS NEW?

We also have seen few innovative intros like vat increase new proposal meant to alleviate poverty and create new jobs.

YES Mr President intention as understood by Basic Registry & Information System in Nigeria BRISIN

  1. For the first time in the history on Nigeria, we would start monitoring our economy at all level, so that causes of social vises can be identified
  2. That for the economy to be monitored, Nigeria would need correct and accurate data and information infrastructure system, capable of instigating data governance, which would exactly credit good governance
  3. That such data and information infrastructure goes beyond periodic interventions but permits day to day actions as businesses are done on daily bases.
  4. That government is a continuum and to create the continuity in government, a reference point as the instrument for data governance must be a priority for credible development.
  5. For the push towards diversification of our economy, good data governance will bring more people and firms into the vat and tax paying bracket thereby making revenues generation from non oil sectors more than the oil as it is in other countries.

Nigerians, if this is the goals the President Buhari is setting for Nigeria then we have to applaud him. For us in the BRISIN system, we say kudos Mr President and wish that every well meaning Nigerian do the same as this vital goal is what will make this country great.

Now the President is setting the pace, the BRISIN system now calls on National and State Assemblies, Local Government Councils and Royal Fathers, Nigerians in the Diaspora and those in the public and private sectors, the media, friends and well wishers of this country to circle around Mr President for this big and dreamed difference that would bring Nigeria to the way we all want.


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  1. Number of crimes committed in Nigeria, state by state
  2. Number of Motor accidents and where it happened
  3. Number of birth and death and where they occurred, what hospital
  4. Number of incidents at schools and where
  5. Number of new businesses and where
  6. Number of job created and where
  7. Number of traffic offence committed and where
  8. Etc.

BIJ is not like any other publication that has existed before it.

BRISIN Information Journal is unique, not a conventional newspaper or magazine.

It is a journal that will essentially convey its message in data form.



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Data governance is said to be the future economic powers of great nation, and Nigeria would not be allowed to remain out of this opportunity, the government of Muhammadu Buhari is taking the bold step to lodge Nigeria into economic data world, by implementing the Basic Registry and Information System in Nigeria, the only integrated data and information infrastructure, meant to take Nigeria and Africa to the next level

Nigerians all over, mostly those in the Diaspora rejoiced and clapped when the government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent telex to Nigerian missions all over the world advising that they sensitized countries of their residence that Nigerian government intend to use data governance with the implementation of BRISIN to change the negative perception imposed by corruption and terrorism, even the unemployment and other vices facing the country.

The labour market which should be within the acceptable ratio has decreased to the point that job creation become very speculative.  Crediting the present administration, though blamed for not seeing on time, the golden opportunities that BRISIN creates are now prioritizing the implementation starting with 5000 applicants that as the first among  over 10 million Nigerians that would be employed by BRISIN and its related project in Nigeria.

It is very important to inform the public that the 5000 shortlisted applicants for BRISIN pilot in FCT, which the publication was delayed to allow government make adequate arrangement for the infrastructures before publishing. The successful candidates would also be made known soon. We wish to inform those calling or visiting our  office for the publication to please be checking on for all information on BRISIN employment.

Italian organisation expresses readiness to collaborate FG to drive BRISIN initiative

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By Lucy Ogalue

The Italian Technological Partners and Solution Providers, have expressed readiness to partner the Nigerian government to drive the Basic Registry and Information System in Nigeria (BRISIN).

The Head of the team, Prof. Vincenzo Naso, said this in a congratulatory letter to President Muhammadu Buhari, on his re-election, a copy of which was made available to  BRISIN office in Abuja

BRISIN is an integrated system for the collection, storage and distribution of information to support the management of the economy.

It aims at bringing developmental and economic growth in the country through the use of data collection of people and other relevant information and the data received will be used to plan for the management of the nation’s resources.

The project was initiated by the President Olusegun Obasanjo administration, while the Goodluck Jonathan’s administration inaugurated a Technical Committee for its implementation.

The President Buhari’s led administration is currently  implementing the project.

Dermo Impex is the Italian organisation that signed agreement with Nigerian government for the institution and implementation of BRISIN.

Nas while congratulating the president, also urged government to support the Senior Special Adviser to the President on Disability, Dr Samuel Ankeli, that is changing the aspect of disability in the country.

“ Our team is ready to work by your side to see Nigeria through to the next level and this can only be possible with correct coordination by the head of the administration in Nigeria.

“We are at your disposal to work with National Technical / Implementation Committee for your development objectives.

“ One of our team’s goal is to verify that all countries where Nigerians migrate to are willing to finance BRISIN and I hope you will enjoy working with us.

“ The FCT pilot phase of BRISIN is taking off with special attention to disability data bank and creation of instruments for managing various aspects of the economy and the opportunities BRISIN will produce.

“The recruitment of 5000 workers for the pilot is on the process and would be completed very soon after which training will start in Nigeria and Italy,’’ Nas said.

On the importance of BRISIN, Nas said it would strengthen not only Nigeria data and information system but would create international credibility and build strong economy for the country.

He said:“ Its support is beyond the functionality of data base as it will ensure development through extensive training that will act as a point of reference for the future.

“This new administrative management tool in Nigeria will increase the attractiveness of foreign investments.

The contribution that BRISIN can offer to job creation both direct and indirect and on the large area of related industries is also very important

BRISIN will also be financed with funds available today in Italy, EU, donors and many other countries where it has been the base foundation of their development.”(NAN)


BRISIN Advocates One Stop-shop For Recruitment In Nigeria


The Basic Registry and Information System in Nigeria (BRISIN) has called for a common centralized database to be used by every employer of labour in Nigeria for job recruitment.

Head of BRISIN in Nigeria, Dr Anthony Uwa made the call in a statement at the weekend in Abuja.

A ccording to Uwa, if adopted, the platform will among other things, enable the government in power ascertain the number of jobs created per time in the country.

“BRISIN is proposing and coming up with a one stop shop for recruitment in Nigeria.

“Every Ministries Departments and Agencies (MDAs),corporate organisations and other employers’of labour will shop from the Data base.

“We also suggest that autonomous workers be registered in the data base for whatever activity they are into.

“The platform will reduce favoritism and corruption in employment process and encourage good labour management in both public and private organisations.

“It will also enable the government in power to know the number of jobs created at the local state and federal level during her administration,” Dr Uwa emphasised.

Uwa believes that having a centralised employment data base would not deny the private organisation their jobs, but help them to ascertain the rate of employment to the sector.

BRISIN is an integrated data and information system for the collection, storage, and distribution of data and information to support the management of the economy.

The aim is that the data received through the platform would be used to plan for the management of the nation’s resources.

It also gives new chances to labour management enhancement, he stated.