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Calling for change and betterment of our country, the difficult question on how ready are we to participate and contribute by every Nigerian both home and abroad just like countries who jointly saw the need for credible change. The political promises in an empty vacuum and no foundational and operational system would only produce speculation and difficult management of development and planning.

Nigeria has been living on empty reference point and no instrument of measurement, this could be attributed to ignorance or preconception of single minded individuals who has led Nigeria from 1960 till date.

Today every political aspirant is promising what they cannot sincerely give and could not tell us how they intend to achieve their promises, mostly when no one can say on what platform of instrument he or she is going to base the achievement of their promises.

Nigeria is a country where the underground economy is about 70% and unemployment trails. Economy and development are planned on realities based on correct data and information from grassroots to State and to Federal, this also means that monitoring the economy as well as fiscal and revenue generation has been so difficult even at Ward level.

In Nigeria, only 40% of recognized businesses pay VAT simply because government cannot convince citizens on the importance of vat payment hence no attachment to social services, in all developed countries, Health. Education and Social Welfare services are taking care by certain percentage of VAT directly allocated and everybody that makes profit on  economic activity no matter how small pays vat, this is possible because the instrument of monitoring and control *BRISIN INFRASTRUCTURE* is in place. When such foundation is built the issues of social vices like criminalities, terrorism, unemployment, illegal migration,, corruption and poverty elimination and above all good governance become easy with data governance at all administrative levels.

The sacrifice we all must accept and its benefit.

1.  Every Nigerian home and in Diaspora that makes money no matter how small must contribute at least o.5% of earning monthly to the building of the BRISIN infrastructure.

2. Every Nigerian that hope for a change should not accept the excuse of no money to implement BRISIN because it is the only foundational operating system that would make Nigeria overcome all her difficulties.

With these actions the citizen challenges the government of getting things right and build the foundation development and democracy. Please see and go to support BRISIN. Be informed that BRISIN started in 2007 but has suffered delay because of corruption and fear of getting things right, so they used excuse of no funds.


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  • JIMOH Abdulazeez says:

    🇳🇬Nigerians be the change (positive) you want your country to be!. We must all contribute to the growth and development of our dear country. Let’s all ensure the Implementation of BRISIN 💯 and the right time is now☑️. I can’t wait to be part of this giant stride. 🇳🇬Nigeria must be great again

    Kudos to Prof. Anthony Uwah and management team.💪

  • Osunde Edwin Osereimen says:

    Basic Registry and Information System in Nigeria is a precursor in fighting corruption in Nigeria. Hope the new government will be proactive enough for BRISIN implementation.

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