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Nigeria should cure the most dreaded sickness to become a credible nation, each time the country wishes to do anything better, the hammer keep heating on the need for data, while BRISIN has been there for them


BRISIN is the Nigerian integrated data and information system approved since 2007 but delayed for selfish interest. Steering Committee and Technical Committee inaugurated and all the reviews done with no correction on the original concept, the disability data bank should help to make amends by the government. Huge sum of money has been already expended by the Service Provider, and must be paid back by FGN, it would be funny to spend such huge money without citizens benefiting from the enormous benefit of the project, which include but not limited to permanently solving the problems like;


  1. Nigeria seen as country of falsity and lies
  2. Difficulty running an all-inclusive government, with PWD as part of us.
  3. Difficulty distributing the palliatives to the neediest and equally
  4. Difficulties sharing the national wealth equitably and equally
  5. Non verifiable data for all documentations
  6. Difficulty monitoring our economy
  7. Difficulties controlling criminalities and terrorism
  8. Difficulties in creating job opportunities
  9. Impossibilities in managing our social welfare
  10. Impossibilities on monitoring Health, Education and Migration
  11. Impossibility of monitoring and controlling the revenues and its applications
  12. Create a credible social security numbers
  13. Impossibilities to evaluate our own professionals and where best suited
  14. Impossibilities to let our youths know area to develop their skills
  15. Etc

Hamza Idris, Nigerian Youth


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    What is the next thing and where are we going in this backward nation. Is it not high time for burial and his administrations to understand that the way forward and solution to curb criminality, selfish interest, mismanagement of our nation resources, insecurity,corruption, difficulties in sharing the national wealth equitably and equally is BRISIN(Basic Registry and Information System in Nigeria) and how could some one in Nigeria today spent( ONE-HUNDRED BILLION NAIRA AND HE CAN NOT ACCOUNT FOR IT) where millions of Nigeria youths including “me” roaming around Street jobless after years of graduations from schools. Egalitarian system of government is what we want in this country and BRISIN as a system with its team is ready to make Nigeria great. Nigerians are suffering day in and out and we have best solution ( Brisin) to solve all these problems but due to selfish interest Government folds their hands and not implementing the project since 2007. Dr Anthony Uwa along with brisin team I want to personally use this medium to appreciate you sir for all your efforts to make brisin work in Nigeria and also appreciate all Nigerians who are contributing to the success of brisin and development of our great nation. I hope for better Nigeria

    • Eze Tobechukwu Casmire says:

      Data availability has been the major challenges that dares Nigeria on the face at every point of her development stride.The issue of Visa restrictions, distribution of palliatives at this trying time,combating terrorism among others are the major problems facing this country which reliable data base can handle.
      My worry remains,why is Nigeria government finding it very difficult to comprehend this easy-going reality???So many countries treat our citizens with negligence because his/her home country can not even account for him.Nigeria doesn’t know the number of her citizens that are outside the shores of the country and what they are doing there.How do you expect other countries to respect us amidst this daring realities…
      Many have asked unavailable question like,why is this country not moving forward after so many years of Independence???The answer is very clear,we don’t have BRISIN in place yet to monitor our Economy.
      Finally, it’s not over until it’s over,we must keep pushing until something happens
      Longlive BRISIN Team!!!

    • Irewole Yomi Stephen says:

      We shall one day again rise from the ashes like a Phoenix and everything will make sense, but till then we watch and say our prayers for this nation and all her inhabitants for therein lays our own welfare and peace. God bless Nigeria and God bless BRISIN realisation.

  • OSUNDE Edwin Osereimen says:

    Nigeria is a great country blessed with renewable and non renewable resources. Yet our major economy survival is only crude oil due to lack of accurate data of other resources. The country 2020 budget was based on $57 per barrel. Now that crude oil price has falling in the world market due to outbreak of COVID 19; the country is about to experience another economy recession. I heard the SGF Boss Mustapha saying that he didn’t know that “The health sector is in deplorable state…”

    I see the conspiracy against BRISIN implementation as corruption; because once BRISIN is implemented it will help to checkmate the high level of corruption in this country. My candid advice is that we should not lose hope because at the end of the tunnel there will be light.

    Thanks so much sir Dr Uwa and the entire BRISIN Team for the struggle for BRISIN implementation.

  • JIMOH Abdulazeez says:

    Its high time the Federal Government see to the enormous benefits of Brisin Project

  • Adoga Ahoko Abraham says:

    Sir, please what is holding the full implications of BRISIN? What about the results of the first recruitment process? It is the right time the Federal Government looks into it.

  • Eze Tobechukwu Casmire says:

    Nigeria over the years have so many realities daring her on the face which bothers on Data reliability.At a every point of her development stride, it’s always been halted at the mid-point with the pointer directing their attention to Data base.The current development challenges Nigeria is facing which do not exclude: having an accurate data that will guide the distribution of palliative packages at this trying time, Combating terrorism,Visa restrictions, among others call the attention of Nigerian government on the need for data base.
    It is very embarrassing that Nigeria do not have the accurate data of her citizens outside the shores of the country and what they do.This type of administrative negligence have caused us a lot of embarrassment before the international community.
    Most of our citizens abroad are been treated like slaves because we don’t have
    accurate data to trace their whereabouts.For how long shall we continue trecking this part of no return???
    Many have asked question of why Nigeria has not withnessed tremendous development since she got her Independence in 1960???The answer is not far fetched,NO BRISIN in place.BRISIN attracts all round development which makes administration easy, but why is this daring realities not been recognized for so long???
    Finally, it’s not over until it is over.Let’s continue pushing until something happens!!!
    Longlive BRISIN Team!!
    Longlive Nigeria!!!

  • Irewole Yomi Stephen says:

    I strongly believe that a latitude in the attitude of the federal government when it comes to admitting the right personnel to the right jobs has cost our beloved country a lot. For example places like France, Spain, United Kingdom and other countries that the federal government deem fit according to BRISIN advert are where 200 trainee trainers will be trained for effectual initiation of the BRISIN project, but it’s a pity COVID-19 has disrupted the plan, because there is a delay somewhere. The virus is not to be blamed, because if the federal government has envisaged posterity most risks we go through in the country would have been nullified and averted. My question in all these troubles without “data” is what is happening to the BRISIN VISION AND PROJECT? God bless Nigeria.

  • John, Prince Wurasi says:

    Brisin will correct so many abnomalist in Nigeria and Nigerians knows this and that is why it looks as if Project is not realistic. But if Nigerians want Nigeria to be a nation of accountability with love for it citizen. BRISIN is the way out.

  • Isah Andy says:

    Am hopeful for speedy implementation of BRISIN after this Convid-19 pandemic is over due to the fact that so much have been learnt this period on the effectiveness of accurate Data bank to position Nigeria as a Nation ready to move towards development. Anything short of this is a signal that Nigerians future enemies are still in control. To all the BRISIN team, I say receive strength and courage to make this change a reality!

  • Benjamin Odoemela says:

    Time will tell, but nothing is better than proper data management. It has a lot to do

  • Danladi Timothy says:

    May Almighty God intervene in dis case.BRISIN will come to reality one day!

  • Adoga Ahoko Abraham says:

    I am praying that Almighty God should hijack the affairs of Nigeria from the hand of selfish leaders and give us God fearing leaders that do the right thing in this country. Delay is not denied. Brisin will surely implemented at God ‘s time and nothing shall by any means stop it. God bless Brisin and FGN.

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