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Basic Registry And Information System in Nigeria, BRISIN, has reinstated its commitment towards deepening nigeria’s trade to attain self-reliance and economic development.

Discussing with the solution providers at the just concluded sensitization meeting with industry players in FCT, Director, Economic planning, Research and Statistics (EPRS) Mrs Joy Uzodinma, on her welcome note, highlighted the enormous potential in BRISIN, she described BRISIN as an integrated platform that will enable real-time Collection, Storage and Retrieval of Public/Private Enterprise Data from grass-root.

She encouraged participants to embrace the project as the implementation will attract investors, increase revenue, create job and sustain the economy.

The Director urged every Nigerian to key in to BRISIN, as it is a project that was approved by Federal Executive Council and the implementation of which was scheduled to commence in Federal Capital Territory (FCT), being the pilot state.

The Mandate Secretary, Economic Planning, Revenue Generation, and Public Private Partnership Secretariat (EPRGPPPS), Barr. Chinedu Charles Elechi, revealed BRISIN is the reference point to national development as he highlighted the importance of the project to the nation. He encouraged participants to partner with the project as the implementation is an instrument for the growth of the country.

Barr. Chinedu informed the meeting that the development funds that are allocated for Nigeria is yet to be collected because there is no credible data, information and administrative instrument that can guarantee investment. He said no Nation can survive in this era of Internet cloud without availability of data, hence the Federal Government is requesting State Governments including FCT to establish databank that will provide data of all citizens.

The Mandate Secretary also informed the meeting that the National Assembly, through the Senate is currently promoting a Bill that will be providing Food Stamp for the needy Nigerians. He said the stamp will give the needy the opportunity to purchase food items while food sellers will exchange the Stamp for money in commercial Banks. Elechi said, even if the Senate Pass Bill, it cannot be implemented immediately as the nation does not have data required to drive it.

Barr. Chinedu, while ending his speech, said, FCT is expected to be a replica of the City of London.

On His Part, the team leader of BRISIN Service, Dr. Anthony Uwahin, said BRISIN was conceptualised in Italy and introduced to Nigeria in 1998 and reaffirmed through the G8 in the year 2000. It took five years for the team from Italy to visit the Federal Executive Council of Nigeria as well as the Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Nigeria Government.

Dr. Anthony said BRISIN is programmed as PPP Project and in 2006, the Federal Government of Nigeria sent delegates of top government officials to Italy for due diligence and fact finding on the feasibility of BRISIN System. The team was led by Statistician General of the Federation, Prof. Vincent Akinyesoye. In the course of the visit, the following questions were directed to the delegates in Italy.


Unfortunately, the Nigeria Delegates were not able to answer the questions and when they returned to Nigeria, they submitted a Report of the visit and the President gave provisional approval for adoption and implementation of BRISIN in Nigeria. In consideration of the fact that FCT is the Capital of Nigeria, the Federal Executive Council gave approval for FCT to Pilot BRISIN Project in Nigeria.

Dr. Anthony said BRISIN is a good instrument for economic sustainability, it is more productive than Oil and Gas Sectors in terms of revenue. The implementation of BRISIN will put FCT in same class with best Capitals of Nations worldwide.

The BRISIN leader while ending his speech, congratulated the participants as he believed the sensitization meeting will signal the take-off of BRISIN in FCT.

Speaking further, Mr Lorenzo Santagelo, Director, Dermo Impex Ltd, commended the Federal Government for the positive policies made so far as regards to the implementation of BRISIN.

In his remark, BRISIN will immediately change the perception of everybody including Nigerians in Diaspora from negative to positive on FCT Administration and Federal Government, hence the beginning of change in Nigeria.

One of BRISIN team player, Mrs Ayeye Esiokomo, in her presentation, said BRISIN, which is an acronyms that represents Basic Registry and Information System in Nigeria, is an integrated and all-encompassing system for collection, Storage and distribution of data and information to support the management of the economy and socio-economic development. It facilitates and guarantees regular and continuous assessment and management of population and administrative institutions in Nigeria.


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What happened to that golden objective that everyone was rejoicing that at last something credible as instrument of measurement in our system has come, two National Committees were inaugurated to see the successful implementation, first in FCT as pilot then all the Wards, Local government, state and National to give Nigeria the first data center that would have given administrators that needed platform for data governance.

So much was said about BRISIN that all our foreign missions all over the world were instructed to inform and sensitize Countries of their residence should we need their collaboration.

The division and disunity in Nigeria would not be felt as it is today if BRISIN was implemented since 2007 it was approved by Federal Executive Council, among what Nigeria could have been enjoying if implemented is Peace, Unity, job creation, monitored and controlled economy, good governance, fiscal and revenue monitored and controlled, automatic update of both voters register and population updates. Free and fair elections, credible democracy

The Technical / implementation Committee was specifically selected and inaugurated to work with the solution provider for correct and credible functionalities  of main sectors and to combat social vices

Quoting both the Nigerian experts that went to Italy for fact finding and the Minister of National planning Commission that got BRISIN approved no nation can successfully fight the high level of endemic corruption, criminality tax evasion, and other socio economic vices without a system that will seamlessly captures data and information on individuals and enterprises within the country. that gives the administrators clear possibilities of management


Discussing with the solution providers Dr Anthony Uwa the head of BRISIN implementation in Nigeria, explained that the project was to be implemented in phases starting with preparatory which leads to pilot in FCT. We finished the preparatory stage in 2008 started the awareness campaign with FCT providing a temporary operating office without logistics, funds were not released, so after exhausting the external sourced funds we could not do much but continue on sensitization which led to Presidency .request that funds should be released and more provision for the extension of pilot to geo political  Zones, FCT actually continued budgeting but funds were not released. In 2013 National Assembly Committee on FCT wrote to both MBNP and FCT to implement the project since they have been approving the budget as requested by them on the project.

In 2015 Presidency approved the inauguration of National Technical / Implementation Committee to liaise with the solution providers for the interest of every sectors. of the economy. After the inauguration several meetings were held planning for the official flag off of the pilot in FCT a sensitization tour of the MDAs took place and many investors both local and international showed interest  all waiting for the Flag Off  but were disappointed. Italy and EU as well as other countries showed interest and are still waiting, not forgetting that it was the G7 that advised Nigeria that to be great, it must have database to govern their development

Going further Dr Uwa expressed bitterness that in 2019 an attempt was made to start the implementation with the social department of FCT to create the database of all the people living with Disability,  a recruitment exercise was conducted online to avoid unqualified candidates getting the  jobs  just because we did not allow the then Director Mr. Iloho and then Permanent Secretary  Mr Ernest family members on recommendation, they wrote to FCT to stop releasing project funds, so the implementation was halted when we queried their action   they sent letters to members of Technical Committee that project was put on hold, without explanation, they also request EFCC to investigate the solution provider on fraud. Because applicants paid N1000 to upload their documents to a privately built portal and were screened. Those shortlisted for the job could not be published hence the action of the two officers of National Planning. EFCC detained me and even took me to Court for fraud. That I should refund the N1000 the applicant paid to upload their data to EFCC . the information on the recruitment can be found on

When asked what is the present situation and way forward in view of the vital importance of BRISIN to Nigeria, Uwa said BRISIN is solid foundation as well as fundamental for economic development of any nation, Nigeria is in shamble today because of few ignorant and selfish persons in government. Nigerians in the Diaspora and investors would jump with joy that finally this country would be valued and respected for building the system for data governance and every Nigerian would have sense of belonging. Investors will beg to come to Nigeria with their investment, Italy, EU, America and other parts of the world would support Nigeria in building BRISIN.

The way forward BRISIN did not and has never stopped, its ongoing, just that the coordinating Agency to live to its responsibilities by invite the Technical / Implementation Committee to meet with solution providers  and re-strategize for implementation, in the interim a tripartite  urgent meeting between Ministry of Finance, Budget and National  Planning and solution providers be held to agree on pending issues and obligations.

System like BRISIN cannot be toiled with in a country like Nigeria if we must think of unify, equity and justice


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Calling for change and betterment of our country, the difficult question on how ready are we to participate and contribute by every Nigerian both home and abroad just like countries who jointly saw the need for credible change. The political promises in an empty vacuum and no foundational and operational system would only produce speculation and difficult management of development and planning.

Nigeria has been living on empty reference point and no instrument of measurement, this could be attributed to ignorance or preconception of single minded individuals who has led Nigeria from 1960 till date.

Today every political aspirant is promising what they cannot sincerely give and could not tell us how they intend to achieve their promises, mostly when no one can say on what platform of instrument he or she is going to base the achievement of their promises.

Nigeria is a country where the underground economy is about 70% and unemployment trails. Economy and development are planned on realities based on correct data and information from grassroots to State and to Federal, this also means that monitoring the economy as well as fiscal and revenue generation has been so difficult even at Ward level.

In Nigeria, only 40% of recognized businesses pay VAT simply because government cannot convince citizens on the importance of vat payment hence no attachment to social services, in all developed countries, Health. Education and Social Welfare services are taking care by certain percentage of VAT directly allocated and everybody that makes profit on  economic activity no matter how small pays vat, this is possible because the instrument of monitoring and control *BRISIN INFRASTRUCTURE* is in place. When such foundation is built the issues of social vices like criminalities, terrorism, unemployment, illegal migration,, corruption and poverty elimination and above all good governance become easy with data governance at all administrative levels.

The sacrifice we all must accept and its benefit.

1.  Every Nigerian home and in Diaspora that makes money no matter how small must contribute at least o.5% of earning monthly to the building of the BRISIN infrastructure.

2. Every Nigerian that hope for a change should not accept the excuse of no money to implement BRISIN because it is the only foundational operating system that would make Nigeria overcome all her difficulties.

With these actions the citizen challenges the government of getting things right and build the foundation development and democracy. Please see and go to support BRISIN. Be informed that BRISIN started in 2007 but has suffered delay because of corruption and fear of getting things right, so they used excuse of no funds.


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Hidden instruments for change in reality has been eluding Nigeria, and this could be seen by the unexplainable difficulties followed by speculative approach that has led to deplorable situation of our country. The main problem has been to understand what actually is a foundation or fundamental Platform that can be considered and referred to as acceptable true instrument of measurement in a circular Nation like Nigerian, with over 500 different ethnic groups, culture and religion, a unifying factor could not be imagined and speculative but thought of and build an operating system that would consider and carry every citizen along no matter the status.

THINKING NIGERIA WITH LOVE. BRISIN an instrument of measurement and  sustainability an alliance, to peace and civil coexistence between Nigerians, a friend of  internal security, legality and equality being a conscious citizen today in a modern computerized Nigeria where land registry, motorization, health, education, clean environment, revenue and social and welfare services should trail in Nigeria, redefining ways of life that offers new business opportunities, in total security.

The sustainable technological evolution applied to the BRISIN system, definitely introduces the concept of innovation as a force capable of redefining existing arrangements evolving in continuous adherence to the new opportunities offered.

No measurability and traceability in space and time, that allow to connect any level of monitoring and control to data and information and visa-vis puts the distance to the hypothesis of a strong and sure future for Nigeria as Africa’s leader

Nigerian culture and patriotism, need to be united by the zeal for change and must become the engine for the implementation of the BRISIN system.


Fighting social vices and building strong economy requires a basic instrument of measurement as foundation that represents fundamental platform for every aspect of development, what we have ignored since the foundation of Nigeria and continue sidelining it, hence the consequence is the situation of our country today.

What does the implementation of BRISIN in Nigeria means?

  1. It means having the instrument to know who are Nigerians, what they do and how to make best use of their intellects, skills and professions, know the foreigners, what they do and where they leave.
  2. Monitoring our economy and understanding where our revenue come from and where we have leakages
  3. What can be defined as employment whether public, private or autonomous, their earnings, Vats and tax,
  4. Having instrument of monitoring fiscal and revenue, means of Vat  payments
  5. Creating major employment objectives that attract huge local and foreign investments
  6. Giving clear idea on how to develop local areas and allow the development of SME and create jobs at local levels
  7. Make crime and terrorism practically impossible for criminals
  8. Create social welfare for less privileged and unemployed graduates
  9. Give Population Commission, INEC, to update population and voting age on regular bases without waiting for events before doing their work.
  10. Make our ID cards NIN, Passports and documentations credible and verifiable. From peoples roots


Actually we can understand that planning and budgeting in an unmonitored and uncontrolled economy makes a nation not credible no matter who comes as president. You might want to ask, ‘WHAT IS THE NIGERIAN OPERATIONAL SYSTEM”

Do we have the possibility of data governance? Its obvious corruption prevails, criminality and terrorism trails. In Nigeria monitoring is a tabu and agencies do what they want and remit what they feel like remitting. People make billions, and don’t pay kobo as vat. or tax Government keep borrowing and spending without control, foreigners take advantage of the porosity to loot.

BRISIN has been there in the cooler since approved in 2007 by Federal Executive Council and mandated solution providers have been investing trying to sensitize the public on the importance of BRISIN system. Investors both local and international have been craving for its implementation, so that they could invest with confidence. The intellectual research aspect of project was completed in 2008. In 2022 this Nigeria project is geared towards continuing its implementation to give Nigeria that needed instrument of measurement. It is obviously the beginning of a new Nigeria which, whoever wins 2023 Presidential election would prioritize among other objective to make Nigeria a better place for all.

For the successful implementation of this vital objective every Nigerian home and in Diaspora that want a better Nigeria is called to participate.


BRISIN implementation Team









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We could be seen repeating the serious warning given to Nigeria since 1998 on what actually has become the reality, it sounds pathetic to a country of intellectuals, Diaspora and scientist, political experts and among all men and women of very high integrity claiming to know what to do to make changes but does not know what or how to use the right instrument for change.

It actually strikes when people who call themselves planners does not actually know the rudiments of planning. This article might offend some confused intellectual elites or wicked Nigerians who benefits from the actual situation of things in Nigeria.

For some of you hearing of BRISIN for the first time please take time to read articles on I might remind you what you already know but have refused to understand it,


  1. Good leadership
  2. Planning
  3. Corruption
  4. Unemployment
  5. Security
  6. Economic monitoring and control
  7. Fiscal and Revenue monitoring and control
  8. Population monitoring and control
  9. Speculation

At the end of this article you will understand that our problem is not restructuring,, religion, ethnicity or Fulani Herdsmen



BRISIN is an integrated data and information infrastructure built from the Wards to Local government to State Governments to Federal. BRISIN is the fundamental instrument put in place to constantly assist those created agencies to;

  1. No leader can govern without correct data and information
  2. Control birth and death everyday
  3. Monitor who comes in and who goes out of every level of governance (Migration flow
  4. Monitor the rate of job creation in every aspect of the economy at every level of governance
  5. Monitor and control economic activities of individuals and corporate entities, including wealth created or acquired.
  6. Gives clear instrument of monitoring and control revenues as well as identify means of revenue. Who should pay what and when.
  7. Monitor and control sharp practices and false enrichments
  8. Gives clear indication of planning and budgeting to correspond to realities
  9. Makes development even and equitable

Outside these fundamental base any other action form part of the normal process that does not make rooted change in governance.

I challenge anyone believing that any change can be made in Nigeria without BRISIN. Fortunately Federal Government of Nigeria introduced this system since 2007 and requested the Ministry of Budget and National Planning to Coordinate the implementation, being the planning agency and 2 National Committees were inaugurated, Steering Committee and Technical/ implementation Committee to make sure the project is implemented, FCT was given to be a pilot State,

Today Nigeria is crying, full of confusion and incapable of coming out of its quagmire simple because they refused to do what is right.

BRISIN is still there waiting to continue implementation to give this country that unity and wisdom it need to make us have respect once again. This is the right time don’t wait any longer.


Dr Anthony Uwa

Head of BRISIN implementation team.



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Finally the long awaited BRISIN project has taken off with the pilot in FCT. The system which President Muhammadu Buhari administration  believes would aid in running an inclusive social welfare government should start with People living with disability and less privileged.  These vulnerable groups have always been abandoned for years by previous administrations, and has given the international organization criticising Nigeria as on the countries with less interest on these categories of citizens.
The Administration of President Muhammadu Buhari is setting a record for Nigeria and other African countries where the vulnerables had been abandoned for years.
The implementation of DISABILITY DATA BANK, is meant to start the main BRISIN System Infrastructure in Nigeria, opening the biggest and greatest employment opportunity in Nigeria.
BRISIN Service Provider


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Nigeria should cure the most dreaded sickness to become a credible nation, each time the country wishes to do anything better, the hammer keep heating on the need for data, while BRISIN has been there for them


BRISIN is the Nigerian integrated data and information system approved since 2007 but delayed for selfish interest. Steering Committee and Technical Committee inaugurated and all the reviews done with no correction on the original concept, the disability data bank should help to make amends by the government. Huge sum of money has been already expended by the Service Provider, and must be paid back by FGN, it would be funny to spend such huge money without citizens benefiting from the enormous benefit of the project, which include but not limited to permanently solving the problems like;


  1. Nigeria seen as country of falsity and lies
  2. Difficulty running an all-inclusive government, with PWD as part of us.
  3. Difficulty distributing the palliatives to the neediest and equally
  4. Difficulties sharing the national wealth equitably and equally
  5. Non verifiable data for all documentations
  6. Difficulty monitoring our economy
  7. Difficulties controlling criminalities and terrorism
  8. Difficulties in creating job opportunities
  9. Impossibilities in managing our social welfare
  10. Impossibilities on monitoring Health, Education and Migration
  11. Impossibility of monitoring and controlling the revenues and its applications
  12. Create a credible social security numbers
  13. Impossibilities to evaluate our own professionals and where best suited
  14. Impossibilities to let our youths know area to develop their skills
  15. Etc

Hamza Idris, Nigerian Youth


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Dr Samuel Ankeli, Senior Special Assistant to the President on Disability Matters, while commenting on the establishment of a data bank on the People Living with Disability (PLWD) said, this is the first time in the history of this country, a concrete action is taken by any government toward building a system for data governance, that would give room for accurate planning and management of (PLWD)

The Presidential aide said his office will coordinate all other stakeholders to join resources in building this centralised data bank for good planning and management of these less privileged members that are difficult to manage as at now.

The Presidential aide, however, confirmed that it had been difficult to get accurate data to plan for PLWD. We don’t know how many people living with disability, most time, we guess and rely on foreign organisations to give us figures about our people. This has made life difficult not only for people living with disability but for people in governance. We have some baseline surveys that are not realistic, that is why we decided to work with BRISIN as quickly as possible and get it functional.

So that we can have a system on ground that will constantly and continuously give us information so that when we process it, we can use the data to apply for planning and policy.

We are talking about Bill for disability; we can’t come up with concrete evidence to say this is the number of people living with disability in the country.’’ According to Dr Ankeli, a lot of risk factors prevailing in the country now, from terrorism attack to herdsmen/farmers clash, auto-mobile accidents and terminal diseases. Not to forget the recent visa restrictions inflicted on Nigeria by United State and EU government just because we lack correct data and information in Nigeria.

He said there was no proper record on those factors, especially for PLWD. Who keeps records? Is the number reducing or increasing? We need to get this data correct. I am convinced BRISIN is the answer and best option for us to have effective, efficient, sincere and scientific information in Nigeria specifically on people living with disability across Nigeria,’’ the Presidential aide said.

Dr Ankeli commended the President and Federal Government for including the PLWD in the Social Investment Programme, noting that the people were initially neglected.

The Senior Special Assistant to Mr President, however, called for support from well meaning and patriotic Nigerians, Oil and Gas companies, Communication and ICT companies, Banks and organized private sectors, donors and international organization, State Governors, Local government Chairmen, and all the stakeholders on the issues with (PLWD, IDP and Less privileged) in Nigeria.

The data bank is not for us alone its for everyone, lets join hand and build it for the future of our country.



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A Nigerian in Diaspora, Mr Haruna Idris, has called on other Nigerians in Diaspora to advocate for improved data collection and documentation in the country.

Idris made the call in a statement made available to newsmen on Monday in Abuja.

He restated the importance of data to every nation, saying that Nigeria lacked an efficient data system which had resulted in setback for the people and the nation at large.

Idris said with adequate data, the recent Visa restriction of Nigerians by the American Government, Boko Haram attack, insecurity issues, terrorism, corruption, unemployment, social vices among others could be addressed.

According to him, the Basic Registry and Information System in Nigeria (BRISIN), introduced by President Olusegun Obasanjo is key to an efficient data system in the country.

He said BRISIN, if implemented would ensure accurate data system that was devoid of speculations and falsehood.

“ The news from international organisation says we have 25 million people living with disability without proper care and over 60 per cent of Nigerians are living in poverty; Speculations.

“Is it not time we know who is who and what is what in Nigeria? Is it not time we start building Nigerian data and information system called BRISIN?

“We adopted this as our system since 2007, why have we not implemented it? The FCT pilot was to start since, and they have been budgeting for it.

“I think if President Muhammadu Buhari actually wants to curb corruption, create employment and stop Boko Haram in Nigeria, he should implement BRISIN.

“I read the proposal of Dr Anthony Uwa on Board of Data Governance and I personally think it’s a big boost to the Government.

“All of us in the Diaspora will certainly play our part if called upon as Nigeria is our country and our joy is to see it working with credibility,’’ he said.

Idris said the visa restriction by the President of the United State of America, Donald Trump, on the giant of Africa (Nigerian) was a friendly action to help Nigeria do what is right for its country.

According to him, Nigeria is considered a rich country in Africa, but no one can tell where the wealth is, its economic value and impact on its citizen.

He said: “We have all speculated claims full of falsehood, and want countries that took time to organise themselves to accept us with false documents.

“They have been doing it all these while just to pity us, believing that allowing us to stay in their organised system we would have learnt from them to build our own system.

“Rather we continued to remain in the state of helplessness, Ignorance, shamelessness, and stupidity, only to wake up and talk when the reality faces us.

“The North East of Nigeria is almost taken by foreigners and we have become refugees in our own country, I urge President Buhari to give immediate order for the full implementation of BRISIN for the benefit of Nigerian.

“ I am also calling on all Nigerians in Diaspora to add their voice to this to avoid further embarrassment to the country.


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Nigerian government were told in the year 2000 that if the instrument of data governance was not created in Nigeria, it would be very difficult to meet up with developmental trends.

President Olusegun Obasanjo at the G8 meeting in Italy requested to understand why data governance is so important and what to do to create data governance in Nigeria.

The synonym used to simplify language understanding was e-government, this as we know did not detailed the fundamental platform for data governance, so Basic Registry and Information System in Nigeria BRISIN, was introduced to him by group of solution providers led by Dermo Impex of Italy.

A lengthy process that took almost 6 years to understand how this single instrument can resolve all ailment of a nation like Nigeria, with various ethnic, religious, tribal, and other sentiments, outside national vices like Terrorism, internal criminality, unemployment, health and education, and mostly documentation issues. Mr President, taking the bold step to run all necessary due diligence, and due process requested the for Series of consultations and presentation at all MDAs and finally Nigerian Government sent technical experts to Italy to have on the ground knowledge and experience on how it works in Italy and whether it would fit Nigerian multi problematic situations

At the return of the team led by the Statistician general of the Federation Dr Vincent Akinyosoye, that President Obasanjo gave provisional approval, and the visionary Minister of FCT now Governor of Kaduna State budgeted to start the pilot in FCT.

In 2007 the Hon Minister/Deputy Chairman of National Planning (Senator Walli) presented it to Federal Executive Council (FEC) and it was ratified and approved for implementation in Nigeria



For the delay in BRISIN implementation, Nigeria has the problem of Security, among other things and now the embarrassment of international credibility on data and information making our documents like passport and I.D cards not credible

Looking at what Nigeria could have achieved if the implementation of BRISIN was not delayed;

  • Data on every human being in Nigeria should have been known and his or her activities would be monitored
  • All foreigners in Nigeria should have been known and their activities monitors
  • Nigerian economy should have been known and monitored and controlled
  • Crime should have been reduced to minimum and it should have been easy to identify criminals
  • Terrorist would have left Nigeria because Security Agents should have used the data and information shared to fish out any terrorist
  • Employment would have been massive in every aspect of the economy
  • Every income earner, should have been paying Tax
  • VAT should have been the hub for internal generated revenue and every commercial and economic operator should have been paying
  • Health and Education should have regained their quality in Nigeria
  • Social welfare would have received commendations
  • Investors should have been flooding Nigeria on every aspect of our economy
  • Government credibility would have reach the sky
  • Nigerians in the Diaspora would have channelling their investment towards Nigeria
  • African Nations would have been coming to Nigeria to help develop their economy
  • The would would start respecting Nigeria.

Today a leap in the right direction comes from the creation of the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development another reason for urgent use of BRISIN system as a base for data governance and achieve their mandate

To avoid further embarrassment, an immediate national board of data governance need to be constituted with BRISIN as their reference point, and the NSA, Hon, Ministers of Interior, Humanitarian Affairs, Science & Technology and Finance as institutional Members. The SG of NBS, 5 experts from the private sectors and 3 from Academia to be members.

While the office of SGF assume the responsibility to lead in the coordination of BRISIN implementation in Nigeria

Dr Anthony Uwa

Head of BRISIN implementation in Nigeria.