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April 2020


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Nigeria should cure the most dreaded sickness to become a credible nation, each time the country wishes to do anything better, the hammer keep heating on the need for data, while BRISIN has been there for them


BRISIN is the Nigerian integrated data and information system approved since 2007 but delayed for selfish interest. Steering Committee and Technical Committee inaugurated and all the reviews done with no correction on the original concept, the disability data bank should help to make amends by the government. Huge sum of money has been already expended by the Service Provider, and must be paid back by FGN, it would be funny to spend such huge money without citizens benefiting from the enormous benefit of the project, which include but not limited to permanently solving the problems like;


  1. Nigeria seen as country of falsity and lies
  2. Difficulty running an all-inclusive government, with PWD as part of us.
  3. Difficulty distributing the palliatives to the neediest and equally
  4. Difficulties sharing the national wealth equitably and equally
  5. Non verifiable data for all documentations
  6. Difficulty monitoring our economy
  7. Difficulties controlling criminalities and terrorism
  8. Difficulties in creating job opportunities
  9. Impossibilities in managing our social welfare
  10. Impossibilities on monitoring Health, Education and Migration
  11. Impossibility of monitoring and controlling the revenues and its applications
  12. Create a credible social security numbers
  13. Impossibilities to evaluate our own professionals and where best suited
  14. Impossibilities to let our youths know area to develop their skills
  15. Etc

Hamza Idris, Nigerian Youth