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What happened to that golden objective that everyone was rejoicing that at last something credible as instrument of measurement in our system has come, two National Committees were inaugurated to see the successful implementation, first in FCT as pilot then all the Wards, Local government, state and National to give Nigeria the first data center that would have given administrators that needed platform for data governance.

So much was said about BRISIN that all our foreign missions all over the world were instructed to inform and sensitize Countries of their residence should we need their collaboration.

The division and disunity in Nigeria would not be felt as it is today if BRISIN was implemented since 2007 it was approved by Federal Executive Council, among what Nigeria could have been enjoying if implemented is Peace, Unity, job creation, monitored and controlled economy, good governance, fiscal and revenue monitored and controlled, automatic update of both voters register and population updates. Free and fair elections, credible democracy

The Technical / implementation Committee was specifically selected and inaugurated to work with the solution provider for correct and credible functionalities  of main sectors and to combat social vices

Quoting both the Nigerian experts that went to Italy for fact finding and the Minister of National planning Commission that got BRISIN approved no nation can successfully fight the high level of endemic corruption, criminality tax evasion, and other socio economic vices without a system that will seamlessly captures data and information on individuals and enterprises within the country. that gives the administrators clear possibilities of management


Discussing with the solution providers Dr Anthony Uwa the head of BRISIN implementation in Nigeria, explained that the project was to be implemented in phases starting with preparatory which leads to pilot in FCT. We finished the preparatory stage in 2008 started the awareness campaign with FCT providing a temporary operating office without logistics, funds were not released, so after exhausting the external sourced funds we could not do much but continue on sensitization which led to Presidency .request that funds should be released and more provision for the extension of pilot to geo political  Zones, FCT actually continued budgeting but funds were not released. In 2013 National Assembly Committee on FCT wrote to both MBNP and FCT to implement the project since they have been approving the budget as requested by them on the project.

In 2015 Presidency approved the inauguration of National Technical / Implementation Committee to liaise with the solution providers for the interest of every sectors. of the economy. After the inauguration several meetings were held planning for the official flag off of the pilot in FCT a sensitization tour of the MDAs took place and many investors both local and international showed interest  all waiting for the Flag Off  but were disappointed. Italy and EU as well as other countries showed interest and are still waiting, not forgetting that it was the G7 that advised Nigeria that to be great, it must have database to govern their development

Going further Dr Uwa expressed bitterness that in 2019 an attempt was made to start the implementation with the social department of FCT to create the database of all the people living with Disability,  a recruitment exercise was conducted online to avoid unqualified candidates getting the  jobs  just because we did not allow the then Director Mr. Iloho and then Permanent Secretary  Mr Ernest family members on recommendation, they wrote to FCT to stop releasing project funds, so the implementation was halted when we queried their action   they sent letters to members of Technical Committee that project was put on hold, without explanation, they also request EFCC to investigate the solution provider on fraud. Because applicants paid N1000 to upload their documents to a privately built portal and were screened. Those shortlisted for the job could not be published hence the action of the two officers of National Planning. EFCC detained me and even took me to Court for fraud. That I should refund the N1000 the applicant paid to upload their data to EFCC . the information on the recruitment can be found on

When asked what is the present situation and way forward in view of the vital importance of BRISIN to Nigeria, Uwa said BRISIN is solid foundation as well as fundamental for economic development of any nation, Nigeria is in shamble today because of few ignorant and selfish persons in government. Nigerians in the Diaspora and investors would jump with joy that finally this country would be valued and respected for building the system for data governance and every Nigerian would have sense of belonging. Investors will beg to come to Nigeria with their investment, Italy, EU, America and other parts of the world would support Nigeria in building BRISIN.

The way forward BRISIN did not and has never stopped, its ongoing, just that the coordinating Agency to live to its responsibilities by invite the Technical / Implementation Committee to meet with solution providers  and re-strategize for implementation, in the interim a tripartite  urgent meeting between Ministry of Finance, Budget and National  Planning and solution providers be held to agree on pending issues and obligations.

System like BRISIN cannot be toiled with in a country like Nigeria if we must think of unify, equity and justice


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  • JIMOH Abdulazeez says:

    I pray the President- elect Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu sees and believes on the enormous benefits Brisin Project can have on his administration . Thank you Dr. Anthony Uwa for the progress made so far and I will continue to pray for the full Implementation of the Brisin project.

  • Osunde Edwin Osereimen says:

    Light will always overcome darkness. Soonest BRISIN project will become a reality in Nigeria. Thanks so much sir Dr. Uwa for the sacrifices made so far.

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