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August 2021


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We could be seen repeating the serious warning given to Nigeria since 1998 on what actually has become the reality, it sounds pathetic to a country of intellectuals, Diaspora and scientist, political experts and among all men and women of very high integrity claiming to know what to do to make changes but does not know what or how to use the right instrument for change.

It actually strikes when people who call themselves planners does not actually know the rudiments of planning. This article might offend some confused intellectual elites or wicked Nigerians who benefits from the actual situation of things in Nigeria.

For some of you hearing of BRISIN for the first time please take time to read articles on I might remind you what you already know but have refused to understand it,


  1. Good leadership
  2. Planning
  3. Corruption
  4. Unemployment
  5. Security
  6. Economic monitoring and control
  7. Fiscal and Revenue monitoring and control
  8. Population monitoring and control
  9. Speculation

At the end of this article you will understand that our problem is not restructuring,, religion, ethnicity or Fulani Herdsmen



BRISIN is an integrated data and information infrastructure built from the Wards to Local government to State Governments to Federal. BRISIN is the fundamental instrument put in place to constantly assist those created agencies to;

  1. No leader can govern without correct data and information
  2. Control birth and death everyday
  3. Monitor who comes in and who goes out of every level of governance (Migration flow
  4. Monitor the rate of job creation in every aspect of the economy at every level of governance
  5. Monitor and control economic activities of individuals and corporate entities, including wealth created or acquired.
  6. Gives clear instrument of monitoring and control revenues as well as identify means of revenue. Who should pay what and when.
  7. Monitor and control sharp practices and false enrichments
  8. Gives clear indication of planning and budgeting to correspond to realities
  9. Makes development even and equitable

Outside these fundamental base any other action form part of the normal process that does not make rooted change in governance.

I challenge anyone believing that any change can be made in Nigeria without BRISIN. Fortunately Federal Government of Nigeria introduced this system since 2007 and requested the Ministry of Budget and National Planning to Coordinate the implementation, being the planning agency and 2 National Committees were inaugurated, Steering Committee and Technical/ implementation Committee to make sure the project is implemented, FCT was given to be a pilot State,

Today Nigeria is crying, full of confusion and incapable of coming out of its quagmire simple because they refused to do what is right.

BRISIN is still there waiting to continue implementation to give this country that unity and wisdom it need to make us have respect once again. This is the right time don’t wait any longer.


Dr Anthony Uwa

Head of BRISIN implementation team.