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September 2022


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Hidden instruments for change in reality has been eluding Nigeria, and this could be seen by the unexplainable difficulties followed by speculative approach that has led to deplorable situation of our country. The main problem has been to understand what actually is a foundation or fundamental Platform that can be considered and referred to as acceptable true instrument of measurement in a circular Nation like Nigerian, with over 500 different ethnic groups, culture and religion, a unifying factor could not be imagined and speculative but thought of and build an operating system that would consider and carry every citizen along no matter the status.

THINKING NIGERIA WITH LOVE. BRISIN an instrument of measurement and  sustainability an alliance, to peace and civil coexistence between Nigerians, a friend of  internal security, legality and equality being a conscious citizen today in a modern computerized Nigeria where land registry, motorization, health, education, clean environment, revenue and social and welfare services should trail in Nigeria, redefining ways of life that offers new business opportunities, in total security.

The sustainable technological evolution applied to the BRISIN system, definitely introduces the concept of innovation as a force capable of redefining existing arrangements evolving in continuous adherence to the new opportunities offered.

No measurability and traceability in space and time, that allow to connect any level of monitoring and control to data and information and visa-vis puts the distance to the hypothesis of a strong and sure future for Nigeria as Africa’s leader

Nigerian culture and patriotism, need to be united by the zeal for change and must become the engine for the implementation of the BRISIN system.


Fighting social vices and building strong economy requires a basic instrument of measurement as foundation that represents fundamental platform for every aspect of development, what we have ignored since the foundation of Nigeria and continue sidelining it, hence the consequence is the situation of our country today.

What does the implementation of BRISIN in Nigeria means?

  1. It means having the instrument to know who are Nigerians, what they do and how to make best use of their intellects, skills and professions, know the foreigners, what they do and where they leave.
  2. Monitoring our economy and understanding where our revenue come from and where we have leakages
  3. What can be defined as employment whether public, private or autonomous, their earnings, Vats and tax,
  4. Having instrument of monitoring fiscal and revenue, means of Vat  payments
  5. Creating major employment objectives that attract huge local and foreign investments
  6. Giving clear idea on how to develop local areas and allow the development of SME and create jobs at local levels
  7. Make crime and terrorism practically impossible for criminals
  8. Create social welfare for less privileged and unemployed graduates
  9. Give Population Commission, INEC, to update population and voting age on regular bases without waiting for events before doing their work.
  10. Make our ID cards NIN, Passports and documentations credible and verifiable. From peoples roots


Actually we can understand that planning and budgeting in an unmonitored and uncontrolled economy makes a nation not credible no matter who comes as president. You might want to ask, ‘WHAT IS THE NIGERIAN OPERATIONAL SYSTEM”

Do we have the possibility of data governance? Its obvious corruption prevails, criminality and terrorism trails. In Nigeria monitoring is a tabu and agencies do what they want and remit what they feel like remitting. People make billions, and don’t pay kobo as vat. or tax Government keep borrowing and spending without control, foreigners take advantage of the porosity to loot.

BRISIN has been there in the cooler since approved in 2007 by Federal Executive Council and mandated solution providers have been investing trying to sensitize the public on the importance of BRISIN system. Investors both local and international have been craving for its implementation, so that they could invest with confidence. The intellectual research aspect of project was completed in 2008. In 2022 this Nigeria project is geared towards continuing its implementation to give Nigeria that needed instrument of measurement. It is obviously the beginning of a new Nigeria which, whoever wins 2023 Presidential election would prioritize among other objective to make Nigeria a better place for all.

For the successful implementation of this vital objective every Nigerian home and in Diaspora that want a better Nigeria is called to participate.


BRISIN implementation Team