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October 2019


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The president on the occasion of Nigeria’s 59th Independence day speech re-iterated his administration’s commitment to the ‘change mantra for better’ governance through maintaining the national security, accelerating sustainable and inclusive economic growth and development,  fighting corruption against all internal and external threats as well as restoring confidence to Nigerians.

It is pertinent to note the BRISIN interpretation of Mr President intention on the following extracts;

  1. Good governance and economic development cannot be sustained without an enabling environment of peace and security.
  2. ACCELERATING SUSTAINABLE AND INCLUSIVE ECONOMIC GROWTH. Our population growth rate remains amongst the highest in the world, presenting both challenges as well as opportunities. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that we provide adequate resources to meet the basic needs of our teeming youths.

In fighting corruption, we are determined to ensure that transparency and good governance are institutionalized in public services. We must commit to installing a culture of good governance in all we do.

The above excerpt from the President speech raised mixed questions like “WE HAVE HEARD THESE OVER AND AGAIN, SO WHAT IS NEW?

We also have seen few innovative intros like vat increase new proposal meant to alleviate poverty and create new jobs.

YES Mr President intention as understood by Basic Registry & Information System in Nigeria BRISIN

  1. For the first time in the history on Nigeria, we would start monitoring our economy at all level, so that causes of social vises can be identified
  2. That for the economy to be monitored, Nigeria would need correct and accurate data and information infrastructure system, capable of instigating data governance, which would exactly credit good governance
  3. That such data and information infrastructure goes beyond periodic interventions but permits day to day actions as businesses are done on daily bases.
  4. That government is a continuum and to create the continuity in government, a reference point as the instrument for data governance must be a priority for credible development.
  5. For the push towards diversification of our economy, good data governance will bring more people and firms into the vat and tax paying bracket thereby making revenues generation from non oil sectors more than the oil as it is in other countries.

Nigerians, if this is the goals the President Buhari is setting for Nigeria then we have to applaud him. For us in the BRISIN system, we say kudos Mr President and wish that every well meaning Nigerian do the same as this vital goal is what will make this country great.

Now the President is setting the pace, the BRISIN system now calls on National and State Assemblies, Local Government Councils and Royal Fathers, Nigerians in the Diaspora and those in the public and private sectors, the media, friends and well wishers of this country to circle around Mr President for this big and dreamed difference that would bring Nigeria to the way we all want.