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A Nigerian in Diaspora, Mr Haruna Idris, has called on other Nigerians in Diaspora to advocate for improved data collection and documentation in the country.

Idris made the call in a statement made available to newsmen on Monday in Abuja.

He restated the importance of data to every nation, saying that Nigeria lacked an efficient data system which had resulted in setback for the people and the nation at large.

Idris said with adequate data, the recent Visa restriction of Nigerians by the American Government, Boko Haram attack, insecurity issues, terrorism, corruption, unemployment, social vices among others could be addressed.

According to him, the Basic Registry and Information System in Nigeria (BRISIN), introduced by President Olusegun Obasanjo is key to an efficient data system in the country.

He said BRISIN, if implemented would ensure accurate data system that was devoid of speculations and falsehood.

“ The news from international organisation says we have 25 million people living with disability without proper care and over 60 per cent of Nigerians are living in poverty; Speculations.

“Is it not time we know who is who and what is what in Nigeria? Is it not time we start building Nigerian data and information system called BRISIN?

“We adopted this as our system since 2007, why have we not implemented it? The FCT pilot was to start since, and they have been budgeting for it.

“I think if President Muhammadu Buhari actually wants to curb corruption, create employment and stop Boko Haram in Nigeria, he should implement BRISIN.

“I read the proposal of Dr Anthony Uwa on Board of Data Governance and I personally think it’s a big boost to the Government.

“All of us in the Diaspora will certainly play our part if called upon as Nigeria is our country and our joy is to see it working with credibility,’’ he said.

Idris said the visa restriction by the President of the United State of America, Donald Trump, on the giant of Africa (Nigerian) was a friendly action to help Nigeria do what is right for its country.

According to him, Nigeria is considered a rich country in Africa, but no one can tell where the wealth is, its economic value and impact on its citizen.

He said: “We have all speculated claims full of falsehood, and want countries that took time to organise themselves to accept us with false documents.

“They have been doing it all these while just to pity us, believing that allowing us to stay in their organised system we would have learnt from them to build our own system.

“Rather we continued to remain in the state of helplessness, Ignorance, shamelessness, and stupidity, only to wake up and talk when the reality faces us.

“The North East of Nigeria is almost taken by foreigners and we have become refugees in our own country, I urge President Buhari to give immediate order for the full implementation of BRISIN for the benefit of Nigerian.

“ I am also calling on all Nigerians in Diaspora to add their voice to this to avoid further embarrassment to the country.


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    To save our their country from further embarrassment, total collapse, humiliation, disgrace and mortification. President Muhammadu Buhari should enforce BRISIN for the betterment of our country because BRISIN remains the only tools to curb social vices in our society.


    Without doubt for any economy to grow or developed accurate data is key,for our great nation called Nigeria to fully curb corruption, insecurity, fight against insurgency, poverty and the likes, I think BRISIN will be of help if fully implemented and people like us who have flare and knowledge on data management can be of great help if given the opportunity to work as a BRISIN staff.

  • Oyewusi, Gboyega says:

    In fact to better safe this country from further crisis, embarrassment and insecurity leading continuous loss of life’s and properties which affect growth and development of the Nation as a whole, it is better to for our President to fast track the take-off and implementation of BRISIN as a very vital Agency.

  • Aliyu Sahalu says:

    This is Really Very Impressed 🙌. I like it. Hope Mr. President would see this.

  • JIMOH Abdulazeez says:

    The current issue of CVD-19 in the country which could have been checkmated with proper data collection and management of people coming to the country. Now, the government had to budget millions of naira to combat CVD-19 (this is another avoidable cost/wastage if BRISIN had been implemented) money which should have spent on other meaningful tasks. All these challenges are due to insensitive and levity of the government. Why delay this massive mutually beneficial brisin project. Brisin remains the panacea to myriads of challenges facing the country. We all implore the President as a matter of urgency to do the needful as regards brisin implementation in Nigeria

  • Augustine Isaac says:

    Truth would always prevail. It has become a common understanding that data collation and management is the cornerstone on which enduring progress is anchored. It behooves on the government of the day to do the needful by adopting BRISIN as a saving grace (sort anomalies) as a result of inefficient data banks in other to enjoy mutual respect in the international comity.

  • Adoga Ahoko Abraham says:

    Our political leaders supposed to know that if IPPIS could help the government to fight corruption in their payroll, BRISIN that covers almost all aspect of the economy would have done better if given the opportunity. I pray that Almigty God will remove the veil that covers their understanding and Grant them the wisdom to implement BRISIN in Nigeria.

  • Moses Omuno says:

    I salute you Mr.Haruna!. Thanks for your appraised footer on one of the most important header of discussion..

  • I wish that the President could listen to this and sweep into action. Falsifying data in Nigeria has brought so much embarrassment to us as citizens and to our dear nation Nigeria

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