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Nigerian government were told in the year 2000 that if the instrument of data governance was not created in Nigeria, it would be very difficult to meet up with developmental trends.

President Olusegun Obasanjo at the G8 meeting in Italy requested to understand why data governance is so important and what to do to create data governance in Nigeria.

The synonym used to simplify language understanding was e-government, this as we know did not detailed the fundamental platform for data governance, so Basic Registry and Information System in Nigeria BRISIN, was introduced to him by group of solution providers led by Dermo Impex of Italy.

A lengthy process that took almost 6 years to understand how this single instrument can resolve all ailment of a nation like Nigeria, with various ethnic, religious, tribal, and other sentiments, outside national vices like Terrorism, internal criminality, unemployment, health and education, and mostly documentation issues. Mr President, taking the bold step to run all necessary due diligence, and due process requested the for Series of consultations and presentation at all MDAs and finally Nigerian Government sent technical experts to Italy to have on the ground knowledge and experience on how it works in Italy and whether it would fit Nigerian multi problematic situations

At the return of the team led by the Statistician general of the Federation Dr Vincent Akinyosoye, that President Obasanjo gave provisional approval, and the visionary Minister of FCT now Governor of Kaduna State budgeted to start the pilot in FCT.

In 2007 the Hon Minister/Deputy Chairman of National Planning (Senator Walli) presented it to Federal Executive Council (FEC) and it was ratified and approved for implementation in Nigeria



For the delay in BRISIN implementation, Nigeria has the problem of Security, among other things and now the embarrassment of international credibility on data and information making our documents like passport and I.D cards not credible

Looking at what Nigeria could have achieved if the implementation of BRISIN was not delayed;

  • Data on every human being in Nigeria should have been known and his or her activities would be monitored
  • All foreigners in Nigeria should have been known and their activities monitors
  • Nigerian economy should have been known and monitored and controlled
  • Crime should have been reduced to minimum and it should have been easy to identify criminals
  • Terrorist would have left Nigeria because Security Agents should have used the data and information shared to fish out any terrorist
  • Employment would have been massive in every aspect of the economy
  • Every income earner, should have been paying Tax
  • VAT should have been the hub for internal generated revenue and every commercial and economic operator should have been paying
  • Health and Education should have regained their quality in Nigeria
  • Social welfare would have received commendations
  • Investors should have been flooding Nigeria on every aspect of our economy
  • Government credibility would have reach the sky
  • Nigerians in the Diaspora would have channelling their investment towards Nigeria
  • African Nations would have been coming to Nigeria to help develop their economy
  • The would would start respecting Nigeria.

Today a leap in the right direction comes from the creation of the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development another reason for urgent use of BRISIN system as a base for data governance and achieve their mandate

To avoid further embarrassment, an immediate national board of data governance need to be constituted with BRISIN as their reference point, and the NSA, Hon, Ministers of Interior, Humanitarian Affairs, Science & Technology and Finance as institutional Members. The SG of NBS, 5 experts from the private sectors and 3 from Academia to be members.

While the office of SGF assume the responsibility to lead in the coordination of BRISIN implementation in Nigeria

Dr Anthony Uwa

Head of BRISIN implementation in Nigeria.










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  • Ahmad Muhammad says:

    “Every good thing must face obstacles, but with determination and perseverance it will come to fruition.”
    It is truly unbecoming of ‘The Giant of Africa’ to face such restriction. Our leaders have to realise the beauty and development BRISIN has to offer to the country and hasten its implementation.

  • Oluwanishola Abdulquadri says:

    Until Nigeria has visionary leaders, we would still be in shadow of insecurity, terrorism and economic problems because of lack of data. Yet a great data governing body like brisin that was supposed to have been given high recommendation is being delayed and delayed

    • Yahaya Husseini says:

      We didn’t expect Brisin implementation to take long as it is… Time is running out for the government we are really having hope for to support this system. So we really urge the authority to set up this national board of data governance committee with brisin for the kick off in early phase of the year and to support the infrastructure stated earlier as the course of delay.

  • Timisola Rotimi says:

    The need for an organization such as BRISIN as a base for data governance is inevitable… It was only a matter of time before something of this sort was going to happen.

  • Isah, Andy Collins says:

    I don’t know why rightful steps that can easily put the country in the path of greatness is always handle with levity in Nigeria by our leaders. What do they actually stand to gain by posterity if the old path is still hold onto with the hope of getting something new. Our problem source is corruption and unemployment which I strongly believe with BRISIN implementation, there is a turning point! Why the delay?

  • JIMOH Abdulazeez says:

    Kudos to Dr. Anthony Uwa and i wish if this piece of write could be published in national dailies for Nigerians to see enormous and massive benefits Brisin is bringing onboard. Thank you

  • kudos sir,well spoken.i hope this message wil definitely reached to mr president and his cabinat members.insensivity of govt to tackled the issue of BRISIN IMPLEMENTATION in Nigeria has caused us a can a modern government operate without data governance and expected to succeed in fighting corruption,imposible! I urged gov to quickly implement brisin.we are ready to work even as a volunteer.God bless u sir.

    • Uwalaka Kelechi Josephine says:

      Well spoken Sir. Developing a country involves collective uprightness and diligence in all we do. Everything about BRISIN remains the only valid means to get the Nigerian Economy working. Let’s join hands with Brisin Team to get it working. Kudos sir, God bless u and the Brisin Team.

  • Ismaila Istifanus says:

    The BRISIN implementation should be given priority following the trends of growing insecurity within the Nigerian Politico-sphere and its resulting visa ban by the US Gov’t. A right step in the right direction can only lead to the right destination.


    BRISIN remains the way forward to both national and international issues and problems in Nigeria. Kudos to Dr. Anthony Uwa the head of BRISIN implementation………….”well spell out and well articulated” Kudos to the entire members of BRISIN team both old and new members. long live Nigeria!

    • Irewole Yomi Stephen says:

      There is a vision and yet our economy and her people suffer. A bold step in the advancement of the BRISIN IMPLEMENTATION. It needed a catalyst and now it’s been seriously considered. Nigeria by now should have been beyond a developing country, but a developed and perhaps one of the most civilized countries in the world. The resources, man power, technical know how and more are not lagging and lacking, but “the order of the day” and our leaders parochial views has denied us of what is ahead in posterity. Good tidings again to hear the BRISIN sector is been rekindled. God bless Nigeria.

    • Abubakar Imrana says:

      Kudos to our DG Dr. Uwa, for putting this piece for the constituted authorities and the general public to pounder. you can’t work or operates with variables unknown to you talk less of a sophisticated and complex humans like Nigerians. The longer the time taken for the implementation of BRISIN the further we lost our direction. Awareness should be taken social media platform and the National assembly

  • Ibrahim Bello says:

    PMB should speedy the implementation of BRISIN in Nigeria if he is ready to fight corruption and solve problems of insecurity in the country, I don’t know what is keeping the implementation so long. kudos to Dr. uwa

  • Adamu Yavga Bundepuun says:

    #Anthony Uwa keep it up

  • Very good observation sir, we are ready to work under agency like this, if that will save life and improve our economy, Sim registration are done in manner dat is not accepted by international standard.


    A Very good news to hear sir. but we have wrote the exams, but of to now they is no any geinuine news about the exams.


    Thank you DR. Uwa, for the details explanation of BRISIN to the Nigerians. BRISIN must be implemented for Nigeria to stand out unlike others country.


    Thank you DR Uwa, for this details explanation for the Nigerians to see the need to implement BRISIN. For Nigeria to stand out unlike other countries, BRISIN is the only way.

  • Osunde Edwin Osereimen says:

    I want to sincerely appreciate Dr Anthony Uwa for this educative article. The big question is why the delay in the IMPLEMENTATION OF BRISIN? There is a solution to most of the challenges in this country, yet ignored.

  • Mujaheed Abdulhameed Yusuf says:

    I wish that @buhari and his cabinets will focus more effectively to see that brisin has been implemented during their administration ,I would have promise them that they will fell alright when their tenure end with several thanks given will be give to them from Nigerians because they make it better and achieve several goals .Brisin is the way

  • There is a need for brisin to publish information daily on the government and Nigerians to Know how this system will resolve many problems and create tremendous employment to many youths in the country

  • Ganiyu says:

    Greetings to you all and the Brisin Team ,
    There lots of things Brisin can bring to the table, which are even yet to be discovered. I wonder if we are not actually seeing other nations and compared them with ours. It’s so annoying that something this good could be ignored by the government of today.
    Talking about the National Identity Card, next month being March 2020, will make it 6 years I registered for that and I am still going around with a piece of paper.
    We pray Brisin come to be a reality.

  • Benjamin Odoemela says:

    This goes to say that you can’t deal with what you don’t understand. Most vital understanding come with careful observation and data analysis. Nigeria should always strive to be at the all-knowing and Eveready stand. I sincerely agree with you Dr Anthony Uwa. Nigeria would have had a better response to the situation she is facing at the moment if she had followed the BRISIN objectives on time. Dr., do not relent with your team in the pursuit of good things. Good things take time to be understood. I strongly believe in BRISIN, and I am waiting patiently for that soon-coming day.

  • anonymous says:

    why not publish this information in the dallies, what steps have been taken to ensure that the decision makers get to see this article.

  • Obongha Bassey says:

    We have various forms of IDs (Voter’s card, NIN, National ID, BVN), yet there is no reliable data base of Nigerians, even the estimated population of Nigeria is not reliable because of poor data management of Nigerians, even the NPC cannot say for sure the actual number of foreigners in this country, they can only make baseless estimates because they dont even have the tools on which such estimates can be validated.

  • Obinna Ewelike says:

    Points made clear. Thanks Sir for your continuous effort to make this come to stand.

  • Oluwatoyin Matthew says:

    It really baffles me that in a country as broad and diverse as Nigeria we don’t have accurate data to tackle myraid of problems confronting us including insecurity that has defied all solutions proferred by those at the helm. Brisin advocacy group should be established to enlighten the government by stating the benefits on both the mass media and social media so that this sleeping government can wake up and do the needful by implementing this noble Brisin project for a secured and prosperous Nigeria. We are waiting Sir.

  • Quadri Remilekun Awoyemi says:

    To curb crime rate,insecurity, national embarrassment and other national problems; BRISIN is the key. Our Government should try give it a chance.

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