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Data governance is said to be the future economic powers of great nation, and Nigeria would not be allowed to remain out of this opportunity, the government of Muhammadu Buhari is taking the bold step to lodge Nigeria into economic data world, by implementing the Basic Registry and Information System in Nigeria, the only integrated data and information infrastructure, meant to take Nigeria and Africa to the next level

Nigerians all over, mostly those in the Diaspora rejoiced and clapped when the government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent telex to Nigerian missions all over the world advising that they sensitized countries of their residence that Nigerian government intend to use data governance with the implementation of BRISIN to change the negative perception imposed by corruption and terrorism, even the unemployment and other vices facing the country.

The labour market which should be within the acceptable ratio has decreased to the point that job creation become very speculative.  Crediting the present administration, though blamed for not seeing on time, the golden opportunities that BRISIN creates are now prioritizing the implementation starting with 5000 applicants that as the first among  over 10 million Nigerians that would be employed by BRISIN and its related project in Nigeria.

It is very important to inform the public that the 5000 shortlisted applicants for BRISIN pilot in FCT, which the publication was delayed to allow government make adequate arrangement for the infrastructures before publishing. The successful candidates would also be made known soon. We wish to inform those calling or visiting our  office for the publication to please be checking on for all information on BRISIN employment.


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