Can Nigeria fight corruption and other societal vices without accurate Data?

By February 19, 2019BRISIN OPINION POLL

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  • Akeem says:

    No, nigeria cannot fight corruption without accurate data base

  • Echoga E Joy says:

    This really a good topic to be discussed. The truth of the matter is that without data no economy can thrive well because data helps to plan and without planning you can’t execute any project therefore there wont be development. So Nigeria as a country needs data which are facts to punish any offender or criminal of the law.Data is as useful as a road map because without a road map you are likely to miss your way.

  • Bashar Abubakar Birnin Kebbi says:

    Corruptuon in Nigeria has hindered its development to the extent that it has become a norm in which many people are taken for granted or looking for a chance to have and this has jeorpadise our economy as well as the future Nigeria.
    Therefore, this BRISIN Project could be a blessing to Nigerians when it intervene or implement in accordance with its vission or objectives to which it was initiated. Because, no nation can fight its vices such as corruption, unemployment, crimes, poverty e.t.c without proper implementation, and there cannot be proper implementation without correct and valid data to which become the main target of the BRISIN Project.

  • JIMOH Abdulazeez says:


  • Gorume Bridget says:

    Fighting corruption and other societal vices like kidnapping, trafficking and so on without accurate data will surely be difficult because individuals who engage in these act appears faceless. Because presently, there is no authentic data base in the country were the identities of the citizenry can be easily accessed by the authorities whenever the need arise. Therefore, offenders most times easily get away after committing crime.

  • Nigeria can’t fight corruption and other social vices accurately without accurate data. It is a walk towards development. I am eager to see the pilot phase. The system is an independent system because it will generate data, for all sectors. In fact it is a system that control the economy.

  • Dr. Adedotun says:

    Not possible

  • Irmiya Umaru says:

    The answer is capital “NO”


    There is no fight to corruption without accurate data, because good governance runs good planning and implementation using accurate data available and a government cannot plan well without accurate data, thereby leading to under-planning or over planning that will either help the citizens or leads to corrupt practices among the government officials.

  • Kolawole says:

    The answer is NO, because without accurate data and information there is no way corruption can be fought effectively in Nigeria

  • Franklyn says:

    Corruption has really eaten deep into the fabric of the society as the popular saying states. With the aid of accurate data I believe corruption and the other social vices can be brought to a minimal level if not stopped. Like mentioned on the ‘what we do’ Transparency is the mechanism to fight corruption, a sort of watchdog on government and individual activities.

    It is with this data collection that the developed world keep thriving in their activities. They are able to checkmate activities of its citizens, pay their unemployed citizens government stipped monthly or as the case may be and so on.

    Nigeria has come to that stage where it should have a database or accurate data of its citizens. This would go a long way to foster development.

  • Ekpo Igoche Emmanuel says:

    Yes and accurately

  • Bello Mubarak Mu'azu says:

    No, it’s impossible! We all know that without accurate data, nothing can be done accurately, not just fighting corruption and other societal vices, but everything. Even suicide needs accurate data, without accurate data, one may end up buying multi-vitamins syrup instead of poison.
    Thus, in my own opinion, fighting corruption and other societal vices without accurate data is a dead end.
    If the president wants to mercilessly fight corruption, he should speed up BRISIN implementation, and Bob will be his uncle.

  • Festus says:

    Data is the Power Sharing and the Engine Oil of the National Economic Development, Data is a Facts that enable Government to access information on social devices, corruptions. Without accurate data, it will be very difficult to fight corruption.

  • Agbata Dickson Ukolojo says:


    • YUSUF MOSHOOD says:

      No country that developed without data, good data will enable the government to plan and enable them to know the area that need to attend to urgently

  • corruption can not be fight without accurate and proper data collection.

  • Olura Seun Paul says:

    It’s not possible. Accurate data is needed to fight corruption and other societal vices.

  • Elizabeth Eboh says:

    I think the best way to fight corruption especially regarding finance and other sector is to secure accurate data. Accurate data helps the war against corruption to be more simplified and encourages practical grassroot participation

  • Joan chikodi kemas says:

    Nigeria can not fight corruption and other social vices without accurate data…because with accurate data better information will be a helping guide to help move our great country forward…

  • Egbejule Tamarabrakemi Abraham says:

    99% of Nigeria’s problem is as a result of lack of accurate data. The answer is No.

  • Irmiya Umaru says:

    To fight corruption and other societal vices,one must ascertain the level and trend of corruption and other societal vices and is only possible through accurate data.

  • Chukwuma Chijioke Daniel says:

    Obviously, Nigeria cannot fight corruption without accurate data.

  • Ogbu ogorry Jeremiah says:

    Nigeria Can not fight corruption and other societal vices without accurate data. Data is a unique information that can provide the best development plans for Nigeria when the data is accurately presented. Data can help in the development agenda such as sustainable development plans, economic growth, human development plans etc of a nation. We need accurate data to provide good roads, health care services, education services, employment, secure our country, agricultural growth, business growth etc.

  • Olasunbo Sunday Joshua says:

    It’s impossible.

    It’s impossible to plan any modern state without adequate and accurate data collection and analysis. How do you plan for people you don’t know? How do you fight social vices in a society that is strange to itself. A data governance is the best way to go, and developed economics has given a great leadership in that regard.

    If Nigeria is serious with development, data collection, analysis, and usage in planning and implementation of public and private policies is a must

  • Durojaiye Ilesanmi says:

    Accurate data is the only way information can be sourced and gathered in other to effectively fight corruption and other social menace. Although, this data should be harnessed with modern technology which has storage for the harmonization of all details of every individual. These information’s should be ready at finger tips pressing of a networked computer system.

    Also finger printing detecting machine which can be used to detect the finger print of anyone at the point of crime incidence should be put in place, such that such finger prints can be put into a device to generate data and information of a crime suspect.

    Thank you



  • Jonathan says:

    For any country to develop, Data is key because it is only accurate data that can help any country to effectively and efficiently plan for the growth of the economy.

  • Edifon Williams says:

    Yes! Data goes a very long way to fight and curb corruption and social vices in the country. Accurate Data provides Information and Evidence of corrupt activities to Everyone and Brisin is a Platform that can provide an accurate data to fight corruption and other social vices in the country.

  • In truth, though, security is only one part of the equation. For any organization or government to properly harness the full power of data, it must also see accuracy and integrity in similar lights. Once these have been guaranteed, it’s left to the way in which the data is applied to determine results. This is where the real-time concept comes in; information has a shelf-life, and it’s shortening rapidly.
    Put simply, data is used to provide insight. Businesses, when armed with this, are able to improve the everyday decisions they make. This isn’t just for management, either – it applies from the ground up. However, data is rarely useful in its raw state; it must be processed and presented in a way that works on the appropriate levels so that it can be applied properly. The latest analytics tools make this part much easier, but there is still a journey that information must follow before it’s usable.
    If data accuracy levels are low at the start of this process, the insight will be lacking and the decisions it influences are likely to be poor as a result. This is why organisations must realise that quality is more important that quantity; too many focus only on gathering as much information as possible without thinking about whether it’s correct and how it can be used. Add to this the question of whether it can be trusted and you have the issue of integrity to consider as well.
    Despite its promise, accurate data is not an anti-corruption panacea. There are four key considerations to fully exploit data in the fight against corruption, for government agencies and civil society alike:
    • To be insightful, anti-corruption analytics require good data and analytical capabilities. Analytics must be able to rely on good data – from official statistics to administrative registries – otherwise, it is “garbage in, garbage out.” This highlights the critical role of national statistics institutions. Effective analytics also requires strong in-house analytics capacity. Data scientists are in high demand and hard to attract to the public sector. Several countries and cities are establishing labs to attract data aficionados, leverage data and incubate innovation.
    • To have an impact, anti-corruption analytics must be fused with a country’s integrity system. It must be connected to complaint mechanisms and anti-corruption institutions in order to lead to prosecutions and generate corrective measures that can prevent corruption in the first place. Data analytics must also be integrated into the policy cycle to be meaningful, so as to ask data the right questions, feed back into policy making and enable anti-corruption reforms. While analytics augment a government’s capacity for oversight and insight, they cannot replace the intuition and foresight of experienced policy makers.
    • Anti-corruption analytics must themselves be transparent. Any tool requiring a highly specialised skill set is at risk of being captured by a select few, and big data is no exception. We must “make algorithms accountable”. Also, particular care must be given to addressing the gaps in data – particularly when making decisions about areas with low internet penetration – to avoid reinforcing inequality.
    • Corporate data – a largely neglected frontier in the transparency realm – must also be opened. “The data revolution is just starting”, according to John Doe, the whistle-blower behind the Panama Papers. It is altering the “corruption game”, reducing the government opacity and information asymmetries that often give rise to illegal practices. The Panama Papers hinted at just how much is hidden in the corporate world and how much harm that opacity can do. Whistle-blower should have real-time customer care service to attend to prompt complainers.
    Nigeria can’t fight corruption and other societal vices without accurate Data; fully exploit data should be use in the fight against corruption, for government agencies and civil society alike.

  • Oboirien Wuraola Latifat says:

    No! Accurate Data is the key not only to corruption detection but also the way to track down the culprits and make them answerable to their deeds. with BRISIN I see a better Nigeria in the nearest feature as we will be able to compete with other Countries in terms of reliable archive through sophisticated database.

  • Olotu Kayode says:

    The answer is capital NO! Accurate data is needed to fight corruption.

  • Duyilemi Tunde says:

    The role of accurate data play a vital role achieving any development, as such when fighting corruption and other societal vices accurate data serves as a means to meet and end, so data at all level particularly from the grassroot needs to be put into cognizance as the societal vices takes place in various local govt area, so accurate data is a corollary to fight against corruption and societal vices.

  • Fatomilola Olalekan says:

    Is not possible, until we have accurate and reliable data. Then we will be able to fight corruption and any other societal vices.

  • Adoga Ahoko Abraham says:

    No. The only way to fight corruption and other societal vices is to have a good integrated system with accurate data an information that can easily be verifiable and supplied for the management and control of Nigeria economy. Thanks

  • Egwuaka Rufus says:

    How can Nigeria fight corruption deligently without having substantial data on the people accused for siphoning public funds when vital data on this persons are not sufficient to probe them.

  • Ayodele olorunfemi says:

    People especially the poor get hurt when resources are wasted. That’s why it is so important to understand the important of accurate data to fight wastage in every system

  • Jamilu Habu says:

    The answer to the above question is Capital No. Because I don’t think can anyone fight without knowing the correct location and information of his opponents. At this juncture I will like to recommend the effort of the federal Government for intiated the BRISIN agency. With help of the BRISIN Nigeria can fight corruption and other sociatel vices.


    Accurate data is the raw materials must be consider in producing whatever you want to produce. So, fighting corruption can never be possible without accurate data.

  • Jonathan says:

    Credible data is the backbone of every developed economy. You can’t fight or reduce societal vice with unreliable data you’ll just end up being part of the problem you are trying to solve.
    The role of credible data in the fight against all forms of crimes cannot be downplayed


    A nation with accurate records of it populace data will always get it right in terms of proper management of it social, economic, social ills/vices and security activities. It is obvious that proper data records has been the backbone of the success of most developed countries of the world like U.S.A, U.K, Australia, Canada, Russia and many more.
    Although Nigeria as a nation have been relying on population projection after 2006 census, but that alone does not give an acute data as to the drastically changes that have since occurred over the past 13 to 14 years. For a country like Nigeria which is faced with poor security challenges, social vices, corrupt practices, poor administrative management, poor record keeping etc. A good data management system will go a long way in curbing such bedeviling challenges. Having a good data management system in Nigeria will be a watchdog over the various social and economic activities of this country.

  • Otitoju tobi joy says:

    accurate data and information id duely needed in whatsoever a nation tends its hand upon. the answerr is a straight NO. Nigeria cannot fight corruption or other societal vices with accurate data.

  • Chukwuemeka Christian Ejike says:

    No….Nigeria as a nation can not fight this menace called corruption without accurate and concise DATA management because data management is and has been the back bone of all developed countries. Fighting corruption and other societal vices without data is like trying to catch a ghost or a shadow, so like other developed nations, Nigeria need data to tackle this virus which has been spreading like wide fire and that is where an independent body free from governmental control I.e BRISIN comes into play, BRISIN if properly implemented will help in curbing out this disease called corruption out of Nigeria

  • Unuatohwo Benedict says:

    Accurate data is the foundation upon which successful development of a nation is based. Data serve as compass and guide that enable effective planning and prioritization of
    areas in the economy that need urgent attention. If fighting corruption is one of priorities that needs the attention of Nigeria government, then the role of accurate data in achieving corruption eradication cannot be overemphasized.
    In the light above, the role of BRISIN is a blessing to Nigeria.

  • Jonathan says:

    The answer to the question is NO. Accurate data is key for the fight against corruption in any country, Nigeria inclusive. This BRISIN initiative is a laudable achievement if well implemented and sustained for the rapid socio-economic development of our dear country Nigeria. God bless Dr. Anthony Uwa and his team.

  • Abdullahi Ikra says:

    There is no way Nigeria can fight corruption without profer well documented database

  • Omojola Sunday Kayode says:

    Not just data but accurate data is needed to fight corruption. I was very happy when I saw this government parastal called Brisin. it will really go a long way in fighting corruption as data taken will curb all form of corruption

  • Zakari Idris Mato says:

    Nigeria has a high rate of corruption history eradicating corruption cases, without accurate data is not possible secondly we have lack technological skills but in future we hope everything will be possible.

  • Mangut says:

    No! Because information is power and information itself is a product of processed data.

  • Okorie Chinedu Sunday says:

    The importance of accurate data cannot be overemphasized. It is a factor without which management becomes difficult if not impossible. Not just to combat corruption and social vices, data is needed in every sphere of life.

  • Joseph Williams Yabal says:

    Data has been shown to help uncover, prevent and deter corruption. Evidence can be seen in the Panama Papers released in April, 2016, which revealed the opaque dealings of offshore and onshore companies, trusts and foundations in tax havens used to hide the wealth of the global elite. so its a capital NO

  • Shuaibu Ikra Umar says:

    It is not possible to tackle corruption and nepotism without having accurate DATA of the citizenry. For instance, recruitment exercises for every vacancies published in Nigeria, you will find out that, most people are working but they will not allows those that are unemployed to have chance to be employed, because they also applies for such vacancies available. But having an accurate DATA will bring to an end to this situations by the grace of God.


    The answer to the above question is Capital NO. Just take a look of an institution as example…..every student has record in the database with this easy computation of results and other vital information of students can be spelled out. So, with adequate data records of individuals, proper approach to corruption will be done and justifications will be done to the corrupt citizens.

  • Matiku Olawale Olabode says:

    No without accurate data collection Nigeria cannot fight corruption such as unlawful act, crime, kidnapping, etc
    I thank God for the aims and objectives of BRISIN which was to collect, store, distribute data and information to support the management of the economy and socio economic development of the Nigeria also to provide credible data on daily basis………..Thanks


    Without doubt, a guaranteed measure to contain corrupt practices in any system is accurate data collection and records. The absence of which had consolidated fraud, money laundry and misappropriation of fund in our dear nation Nigeria.

    I strongly believe that the emergence of a reliable data collection system such as BRISIN would contain corrupt practices both in the private and public sector of Nigeria.

    I identify with proper data collection and records as a curative and preventive measure against corruption.

  • SHUAIBU ALI says:

    NO, without approperiat data it’s not easy for government to fight curruption in Nigeria because our country is too big.

  • Abdulkadir Musa says:

    The truth of the matter is without accurate data and information no country can fight or tackle any sociatal problem. In this case data is very necessary in tacling corruption and other social vices

  • Abdulkadir Musa says:

    So we need to take serious action on data and information gathering, i recommend the federal government to fully support Brisin to quickly implement it plan in all the state of the federation


    No. Fighting corruption without DATA is baseless. DATA ensures a meaningful implementation of all aspects of Governance which invariably makes the fight against corruption an easy task.

  • Moses Omuno says:

    No. Nigeria enjoy the state they are in bcoz they enjoy corruption. Give brisin a chance for sustainable, well organised, managed and sourced automated information that will eradicate and remove fat bellied Nigeria that continue to put this country in the path of no return.. Let’s say no to corruption YES TO BRISIN

  • Abdullahi Abdulsalam says:

    How can you fight corruption in a country without accurate data of the poor and the rich? It’s not possible.

  • Some Scholars say, That Data is the Bed Rock for Planing.
    I believe that without Data Nigeria Can not plan to know the dimension of resources needed to fight corruption and to enhance the Nigeria Economy at Large.

  • Michael Oluseun Olatunji says:

    Corruption is a global problem that requires global solutions, many countries in the diaspora have been able to curb the pernicious effect of corruption on the economy by devicing the implementation of adequate data collection so as to combart fraud, money laundry and so on. Adequate data collection is very essential to revive a sustainable economic development. Thank you.

  • ISODJE EDWIN says:

    The answer is capital No.
    Fact is often gotten from a reliable figure/data, without data no there no way corruption can be effectively detected and fight against in our great country Nigeria. Thanks Brisin for the ongoing implementation.

  • Nigeria cannot fight corruption without accurate data collection. Therefore, BRISIN project should be implemented, because that is the best way to tackle this issue. As you all know, corruption is playing a vital role in our country and it has started from the grassroots of this great nation. So, corruption can be controlled through BRISIN project. Since the project is starting from the nation’s grassroot( Local areas)… Thank you

  • Ayaka Na'Allah says:

    No No No No No No.

  • Corruption has eaten deep into our dear Country- Nigeria. This has been proven to be a fact by many research outcomes. For us to be able to kick this menace out of our beloved Country, we need accurate information on the past and present issues related to corruption and other social vices. These data will guide policy makers, security agencies and other concerned body to be able to take proactive measures on combating corruption. Thus, accurate data is quintessential if corruption must be tackled in Nigeria.

  • Oladapo Oluwasegun Olayinka says:

    No. No nation has developed and overcome challenges at different sector of her economy without the use of data. So for me, Nigeria is no exception. For Nigeria to triumph over economic challenges, we must make good use of data which I believe is readily available to some organizations like NIMC, Customs, INEC and so on. So all we need to do is have not just accurate data but also a centralized database for fetching information of any citizen as long as it has been captured.

  • Atanda Maruf says:

    To curb corrupt activities in the nation, effective database must be designed so that each nigeria citizen’s data must be captured.

  • Olaolu Oloyede says:

    Without accurate data no country or nation will be able to fight corruption, Nigeria as a nation lack proper database which even have negative influence on the economy. It will be good if government fast track the work of brisin and provide adequate funding her mission.

  • matiku olawale olabode says:

    No without accurate data collection Nigeria cannot fight corruption such as unlawful act, crime, kidnapping, etc
    I thank God for the aims and objectives of BRISIN which was to collect, store, distribute data and information to support the management of the economic development of the Nigeria also provide to credible data on daily basis……..THANKS

  • Akala Joseph says:

    It is capital NO, without proper planning, there can’t be a great nation; at the same time, there can never be a proper planning without accurate data. Nigeria is in this state because we don’t have a data bank for proper planning.

  • NO. Nigeria cannot fight corruption and other societal vices without accurate Data.

  • Kingsley okezie says:

    Capital No is the answer its impossible to fight corruption without data on where and how corruption takes place

  • Philip O. says:

    No. Accurate information disseminated to the right person at the right time can make you better off, however the reverse will be the case if accurate information is not disseminated.
    In this contemporary world, information drive the globe and every economy, sector, business, organization, to mention but a few needs information in all sphere more than anything.
    Therefore, our great Nation( Nigeria) need information to move forward and also to have comparative advantage over other Nation.

  • Isah Andy Collins says:

    Accurate date determine accurate results! Assumption is not an option, Data is the raw factual basic information.

    • Isah Andy Collins says:

      Accurate data determine accurate results, assumption is not an option. Data is the raw factual basic information Nigeria needed to get it right against corruption

  • ADEOYE Toba Moses says:

    Data accuracy and genuineness is the way out off corruption in Nigeria, as many civil servant thrive well by providing incomplete information to their employees. But with accurate bank of data every body get to win and be happy.

  • Opeyemi Olaofe Victor says:

    No, accurate data is the bedrock of a meaningful decision making which culminate into a greater development planning and implementation while a biased and falsified data is as bad as the corruption itself.


    No. Corruption has eaten deep into the country and to fight it, a genuine data base like BRISIN is very important.

  • Abdulsalam Saidu says:

    Its humanly impossible

  • Surajo Abdullahi says:

    No,it is impossible

  • OJO Ayokunle Sunday says:

    It can’t be possible. Adequate data is required


    Corruption is an endemic parasite which need quick and urgent attention but to achieve this there must be a proper data record. Fighting corruption and other societal vices is cannot be achieve without accurate data. I will like to recommend the effort of the federal Government for initiated of the BRISIN idea. With the help of the BRISIN Nigeria, fighting corruption and other sociatal vices will be thing of the past.

  • Kama Kenneth says:

    Data availability is crucial for any nation to maintain sustainable development. Working without data and the possible predictions that it can generate after proper analysis is like walking on the street with two eyes closed.
    Corruption has turned to be a serious hindrance for sustainable economic development in Nigeria, and every government regime always has it as it agenda. The questions is; why is the problem far from being solved? One among other reasoning undeniably is lack of accurate information. No government can fight corruption without available information about the key components of monetary mobility within and outside the nation.
    How can you fight corruption when information such as who mishandled public fund? how much was mishandled? when are where are the funds diverted to?. If miraculously, financial security agents where able to nap a culprit, how can they be indicted without data evidence of there involvement in such mismanagement.
    Data is life, without it nothing moves.

  • Abiola says:

    Yes, Nigeria can fight it with accurate Data.

  • Bejide says:

    Availability of accurate and current data is the only panacea to curbing social vices and economic challenges being faced by a society like ours

  • Polycarp Usman Balwaye says:

    accurate data is very important for decision making, economic indicators can be viable using accurate and reliable data. e.g GDP growth, employment, balance of payments, price control, imports/exports promotion, budget planning etc.depends on accurate and reliable data.

  • Christopher Chuwang Tadi says:

    Well in my own opinion… Nigeria cannot achieve that.

  • Adebayo says:

    No country can fight corruption without accurate data in fact no accurate data no free and fair election

  • AKINLABI Akeem Abiodun says:

    It is impossible because data collection is the only alternative economical tools to cut across all other sectors including human behavioural to it environments for a better proper planning, evaluation, monitoring, management to achieve a good rewarding Nigeria.

  • ahaneku kenneth says:

    simply put data is the key to any meaningful economic action…. fighting crimes, eradicating corruption… name it. additional it will also help in ensuring just and equitable distribution of resource.

  • Asere Gbenga Femi says:

    No, because the development of any country depends on it accurate data

  • Ezugwu kingsley oforbuike says:

    I don’t think so. Nigeria cannot effectively fight corruption without adequate data taking in mind the numerous factors that causes corruption which includes but not limited to unemployment. Data gathering will help Nigeria prevent corruption instead of wasting much funds in fighting it because it will ensure that the government always plans ahead of time with information at hand hence the need a data centre like brisin

  • Abdulsalam azeez says:

    Its capital NO


    NO! Accurate data is an indispensable (if not most important)tool we need now if we must, collectively, move Nigerian forward on the path of growth and development. The efficient and efficient allocation of the nation’s resources, curbing crimes and eliminating corruption require accurate, timely and credible data and information on all the aspects of the economy. Data driven governance is the most effective governance.

  • Akpezi A. Micah says:

    Data are veritable tools for the enhancement of credible trajectory for fiscal and monetary growth. The survival of any ontemporary state is embedded on effective and efficient collection of viable, proven, reliable and interpretable data. Taking the lead closer to home, Nigeria is a country in dire need of all-sectors transformation for sustainable developments. Given the raw facts at her disposal through collection, analysis, recording, summarizing and interpretation thereof, she will most likely be on the surviving foots from numerous economic plagues that have threatened developing frameworks of the various sectors in her economy.

    The question remains! How does the government maps out a course of actions for the Nigerian health, education, transportation, agriculture, migration systems and a host of others without first having accurate statistical datum as it affects the various sectors? Decision making is not a robotic or mechanical approach. It is clear actions taking in consideration of the available and compared data. Usually, it is borne out of a well harnessed data. Therefore, for any progress to be recorded and last for years having defined and proven background, data are the fabrics. It is noted that corruption and other social vices have constituted menaces to the Nigerian economy. By the implementation of this project, the Government is ensuring a sound mechanism for reliable and transformationary decisions.

    Corruption and other social threats cannot be realistically curtailed or dealt with in a system bereft of accurate data. This, the basic registry and information system in Nigeria is intended to consummate this clear task hence it is a laudable project.

  • Iwera Sunday Moses says:

    No way

  • It can be reduce to minimum level. Sky is Nigeria stepping stone, Data base can make us achieved all the unachievable and make Nigerian proud and it can belittled the level of corruption

  • Mani Elisha says:

    In my opinion, Nigeria can’t fight corruption and other social vices without accurate data because accurate data provides a platform and premise for decision making and sense of judgement in any government/organization/Institution or even personal decision making. In fighting corruption, accurate data is inevitable.



  • innocent says:

    The answer to the question is no,Nigeria cannot fight corruption and other societal vices without accurate data
    Data has to do with the collection if every Nigerian activities as a citizen and from the data collected he or she can be monitored to know when he or she is deraling,
    Data keeping serves as a watch dog to any parastatals in a country in which Nigeria is not left aside.
    From data collection the expenses made can be known thereby reducing the wrong figure of money being spend,
    Surely data collection can cub the societal vices and also reduce corription .thanks

  • No, there is no way a government can fight corruption without data and information, it is thru data and information that is available to government that government distributes resources to each section of the economy, and if we are talking about information here, it must be accurate that is when government can checkmates it’s spendings, and manage the economy, so I want to believe that at present government has information with which they are working with, they have data about states but is it accurate? so we need to help government get accurate data and information to combat corruption.

  • ADEKUNLE Adeyemi says:

    Definitely NO

  • jude says:

    Am anticipating when we as brisin staff we change Nigeria system with the use of accurate data to correct every aspect of Nigeria economy. can you imagine or think of the importance of brisin in Nigeria voting system? we can see how slow and the incompetency of INEC in the collation of election results in each polling unit and how physical alterations of results. Think of how brisin will improve and assist INEC in collection and distribution of data with an organized integrated data system. Nigerians, Brisin is here to make unprecedented change to boast our economy.

  • VIVIAN says:

    No, they cant fight it because data mechanism entails raw facts or figures sourced from an individual,communities and society at large to become an information to be used. For Nigeria,information is a rudimentary factor to aid in fighting corruption,fraud,immigrants and societal will also help to identify the population and also know how the distribution of wealth and resources can be marginalized.
    Therefore,am of the opinion that accurate data should be the utmost priority of this country in there fight for corruption and i know with the aid of BRISIN our goal to a better country will achieved. THANKS.

  • Adisa Gbenga Remilekun says:

    There is no social or economic aspect of the nation that does not need accurate data. Dealing with corruption needs accurate data

  • Njeni Samson egar says:

    Data is the road map to good governance. Information gotten from data collected from all area of endeavor will help the nation to have a strategic plan and implementation

  • Nwankwo Joy says:

    Data and information are very important in fighting corruption and social vices. Each of them alone is not enough. Information gathered without data can be coded into data form and then processed. With the advancement we now have in science and technology, data gathered will not serve only for present purpose but also for future referencing.

  • Benjamin Odoemela says:

    Accurate data and record can go a long way in fighting any act of corruption. So I strongly believe in this perception/assumption.

  • Umar dahiru says:

    No,like. The ability of any organization or contry to fight corruption is base on the data machanism. Because it give a raw fat of information that guranty and give evedence to fight corruption.

  • Yusuf Hussaini says:

    now if you look at country like Japan,Singapore,india,spain and even north Korea their rapid development is through data and information. imaging to me don’t thing how a country like nigeria as most populous country in Africa develop without knowing and understanding the data governance of its people. In fact for a better distribution and providing basic infrastructure to the people of every country is through data and information.


    Data are raw information which have not been processed. Before Nigeria can fight corruption and other societal vices, accurate Data have to be collected, processed into information then accurate and reliable decisions can be made to eliminate corruption and other societal vices in the county. So the road map to a successful fight against corruption and other societal vices bedeviling Nigeria is having reliable Data.

  • Anita Andrew says:


  • Rephaiah Ekele says:

    Absolutely No! Data are facts therefore we must have accurate data readily available before we will be able to tackle the issue of mismanagement called “corruption” That’s my take on the subject matter

  • Rotimi Philip says:

    No, it is practically impossible

  • Mustapha Jikamshi Surajo says:

    Data simply define as a piece of information, basically the first stage for someone or agency to prosecute corruption case or else is investigation or a reseach, also the most important reason for investigation its just to obtain a reliable source( DATA ).So data is the most influential thing in order to fight against corruption in Nigeria, likewise others such stable economy, unemployment, illiteracy, Demography, population, environmental problem like global warming, Education, federal government database, and many more. So we are highly welcomed to BRISIN.

  • Oluwatoyin Adesope says:

    The answer is NO. Accurate data is necessary to effectively allocate resources in the nation. We need to really work on generating accurate data and I believe that with BRISIN genuine dedication to this course, this will be possible.

  • Eyo Ekpo says:

    No, we can’t. Good statistical data help us to know how manage our resources

  • Timisola says:


  • Anthony says:

    people are likely to abstain from corruption when they are conscious of the fact that their full data is somewhere serving as a legal document as well as a reference document at any point in time. in other words implementation of BRISIN and its objectives would curtail the level of corruption in Nigeria. i believe in BRISIN.

  • Durojaiye Samuel Sunny says:

    Capital negative ‘No’. Lack of a Comprised database system of Nigerian is killing this country. Imagine if we have the information system of Nigeria it will eradicated so many corruptions and society vices across the states of Nigeria. Look at election concluded, if information system were to be in place ever since, it will speed up the election process of counting and many that died will not be there, underage voting will also not be there, even manipulation of votes will also not be there.

    we are looking at the time when Nigerian will sit at their comfort zone and exercise their franchise in Laptop or Tap without rigorous queuing fighting.

  • Chris says:

    Falsifying figures has been the greatest corruption in Nigeria. We can only get Nigeria working when accurate data is generated from every sector of the economy most especially the oil and gas sector since it’s the main stay of Nigeria’s economy.

  • Haruna Muhammad says:

    With accurate data corruption will fought and security will be high


    No,because its only accurate data that will unveil the appropriate procedures by which corruption can be eradicated, thanks.

  • Mary William says:

    Data is information. It therefore follows that without proper information as to the population of a given area, the economic condition of the said area and the percentage of budget allocated to the area, as well as what percentage has been expended on the execution of a given project, the government would not know who is corrupt. Proper documentation and information gathering will not only help in the fight against corruption but would go a long way in enhancing proper planing for the well being of the country’s teeming population. A country that values data collection is one that plans for its future.

  • Mordi, Jonathan says:

    The absent of data gathering and preservation has already caused Nigeria its wealth. This is a leakage through which many opportunists siphon the county’s resources to their private pockets leaving a vast majority of the population wallowing in abject poverty. There is frequent inflation of figures, maladministration, misappropriation and lack of accountability almost at every stage of responsibility. With data collection and preservation, most of the above raised concerns would be addressed.

  • Mary William says:

    Data is information. Data collection and preservation prevents financial mismanagement and figure inflation. It enforces transparency and thus, it is an indispensable tool in the fight against corruption.

  • Iyambo Okey Titus says:

    In fighting corruption I think the first thing to put in place is our data system which will now serve as a policing tool to curb the many social vices in our society. So without a good database the fight against corruption will always be on the surface.

  • Tijani Abdullahi says:

    Data is life, data will go a long way to generate detail information on certain problems facing Nigeria economy, this will enhance the efficiency and effective operations of BRISIN..

  • Idacha Victor Micheal says:

    Data its a tool for the management of any situation, just like money and other articles are tools for purchasing and exchange in trade.

    Without accurate and accessible data/information, fighting corruption and other vices in our country Nigeria will be an impossible mission.

    Thus, the answer is NO.

  • Jonathan Mordi says:

    Data base might not even be effective enough, fighting corruption has to start with me and you,if we can do the right thing at the right time, our leaders has failed in the area of corruption, but if we the youth,the generation can stand by the truth and break that chain that our leaders have extended to us to drag us into it,I think it will reduced to the barely minimum.

  • Joseph Ibenegbu says:

    Data and information is key in the pursuit of a corruptfree society. Consequently, any methodology applied in fighting corruption in Nigeria must place data governance on the front burner!

  • ABAYOMI says:

    the answer is total NO.,

  • Alfred Akpofure says:

    First of all i want to commend the Federal Government for taking such a step to commission such a project. However in view of the question, My answer is, Corruption can only be fought minimally in the absence of adequate data. Lets take for instance the BVN introduction under the last administration, made it easier for monies in different Bank Accounts traced easily to a particular individual making it easy to track fraudulent funds.
    I feel having a data Bank in Nigeria wont only facilitate curroption fight but also the fight against Crime, take for instant the American Police may be able to investigate lets say a murder case with a little sample of the murderers trace easily matching the specimen with the real owner’s using DNA bank.But in Nigeria our force men are usually left to guess work.
    Lastly in demographic data, since Nigeria conducted the last census 2006 we have been guessing our present population some will say 180M others will say 200M. If Nigeria had a systematic data all we need do is to up date birth and death rate also we will also have data of the unemployed, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) E.t.c so we can plan properly for them.
    Without proper data collect and analysis, – system no country can plan for her Citizens. The importance of proper data collection and analysis cannot be over emphasized as it is one of cores of development.
    Thank you.

  • Yusuf Hussaini says:

    Data and information are two basic raw fact that are finding through processing. A country like nigeria is very unfit and ashamed to say has no Data in governance that capture all people living in and out side the country.

  • uDOEKPO bERNARD says:



    Just like a farmer need a hoe or tractor to cultivate the land so also the fight against corruption need accurately documented data for effect implementation and execution in order to bring about proper management of the economy and socio-economic development in the country

  • No.
    Developed countries today are where they are because of accurate data management. All the first /second world countries keep making progress because of appriopraite data and information. This particular system has promoted general efficiency in their governmental system. It has helped check ;
    1) Crime: criminals,fraudstars etc. could easily be tracked and as such many people are afraid of being victims of the wrath of the law.
    2)Population: this will help monitor the population of the country there by preventing the waste of resources conducting population census. It will also help discover best population control measures for over-populated countries like Nigeria.
    3)Unemployment: It will help determine the level of unemployment thereby always alerting the government for pro-active measures.
    4)Economy: it will help provide relevant information about the economy and possibly alert the government on a forseen problem.
    5)migration: it will help check movement in and out of a country. A country needs to really be careful about this to avoid spread of foreign diseases, terrorisim etc.
    6)Investment plan: it makes the government identify viable areas of investment to grow the economy.
    7)Forcast: it helps in predicting/ forseeing the future of a nation etc.

    A country without good data and information managment is bound to fail because recession, high rate of terrorism, unemployment, high crime rate, poverty and a total collapse is usually the other of the day. Thank God for the emergent of BRISIN because, It has come to dry Nigeria’s tears.

  • William,Mary says:

    The fight against corruption will be daunted without accurate information. Accurate information would only be gotten through adequate data collection and preservation. The Nigeria nation must acknowledge the importance of data and rise and embrace the BRISIN project as it promises a better Nigeria through data collection and storage.

  • Daniel Philip Ogabela says:

    Corruption can’t be eradicated without an accurate information,so therefore with the help of this wonderful program,when information is been and data is collected in various organizations,it’s will us to locate and fetch out the ghost worker’s,to know the revenue is been shared.
    With this Basic Registry Information System in Nigeria,corruption will be a thing of the past.
    Kudos to the Brain behind this wonderful program.


    No, data information is needed. We make sure we fight against corruption in our beloved country. Especially now our president first agenda is also to tackle it, also for youth to be employed.

  • Emeagi Chimezie Thaddeus says:

    How can one fight corruption without facts and figures? Absolutely, data from a reliable fact is substantial in fighting corruption. Availability of Data is indispensable. Data is much more needed in fighting corruption. I concur with data governance.

  • Aniedobe Mmadueke Marcus says:

    It’s practically impossible to fight corruption in Nigeria without adequate data. Reasons are below :

    Data provide raw or unprocessed variables as they occurred firsthandedly in Nigeria, when processed, provide accurate information for sound decision making.

    Through data, it’s easier to know and captures who does something in Nigeria as a result of accurate track system data had provided.

    Data would enable elimination of excessive cost and dubious inflation in prices of procurable items by government officials, because data track has placed adequately the current market values of such items.

    It creates room for massive available of jobs for the unemployed populace through exposure of ghost workers in organizations and hence enable the appropriate authority to maintain a healthy labour market.

    Expansion of our local industry and adequate use of local content and materials. Data would identify the willing to innovate individuals with striking ability and match them adequately where they are needed for our science and technological enhancement.

    Data would curb heavy corruption in our financial and telecommunications sector. It would help to expose those banks that chase only oil investments portfolio instead of financing the real sectors where huge numbers of our local entrepreneurs are found.

    Summary: Data is a veritable tool to fight corruption in government agencies, banks, social circle, unemployment e.t.c. More adequate date we have, the healthier society we’d have.

  • Oderinde Caleb Tomi says:

    Anti corruption war requires good and accurate data with analytical capabilities, with these data, it will help uncover, prevent and deter corruption.
    Without data, a fight against corruption is baseless

  • Lawrence Bassey says:

    The answer is NO. Nigeria need accurate data to be to eradicate and bring corruption to an end.

  • Yusuf Abel says:

    If our data can be managed properly it will save us from a lot of issues.

  • Agha ogbonna says:

    The answer is NO because data can only used to yield result, therefore corruption can’t be fight in nigeri without accurate data

  • Zakariyah Habeebullah Otoyola says:

    The answer is NO.. because understanding corruption is the first step in fighting corruption and without accurate data one cannot know how to tackle some corrupted challenges


    The answer is a big NO! Data is needed for surveillance and surveillance is the platform on which to fight corruption. I am glad that we are getting it right this time and I believe that corruption would soon be a thing of the past in our beloved country.

  • Joseph Osayanmo Iguanre says:

    Yes but not with data alone. Nigeria corruption have gotten to the extent that some people can now say all Nigerians are corrupt to the extent of their means. Data can go along way to curb corruption in many sector of Nigeria economy but with unbiased law enforcement people will be brought to the consciousness that there is consequences for corruption in both high and low places.

    • Joseph Osayanmo Iguanre says:

      Without accurate data many corruption and societal vices will be starring at us and we won’t know so without accurate data we will not go far in fighting curruption .

  • Joseph Osayanmo Iguanre says:

    Without accurate data many corruption and societal vices will be starring at us and we won’t know so without accurate data we will not go anywhere in fighting curruption.

  • Zakariyah Habeebullah Otoyola says:


  • Ogbeleje Collins okechukwu says:

    No, Nigeria cannot fight corruption without accurate data. Data is very essential in identifying and fighting corruption.

  • Amah Okon Ikoedem says:

    Nigeria cannot fight corruption adequately successful if comprehensive data is not collated, stored and preserved. The collected and collated data will help the Federal government to combat corruption and other pilfering crimes fiercely. The crusade and fight against corruption will and can only be successful if adequate data and personnel profiling is done throughout the country. So, this is where BRISIN breezes in; to help the government fight corruption and also keep accurate data of Nigeria workforce and demographic information.

  • Daniel Philip ogabela says:

    No, in any developed country data is always the tool used to tackle corruption,to link up with this present administration which objectives is to fight corruption.With this data collection,corruption will be a thing of the past.
    And more always when accurate data is been collected ,it will be very difficult for any agency or parastatals to engage in any criminal or any unlawful act,because any step taken is been tracked.

  • Victory Okon. says:

    Without an accurate data in place, it
    makes corruption and other social vices fight difficult. Nigeria as a Nation needs a functional and an accurate data in all sectors of the economy to successfully reduce the rate of corruption in our society.

  • Usman Bilal says:

    No data, no life. for any nation to succeed, there must be verifiable and reliable data source. This will enable swift formulations and implementation of policies. Nigeria cannot fight corruption without objective data

  • Nuraini Usman says:

    Fighting corruption using Technology is the best way, without central national database everything can’t be monitored. We pray even after the deployment of the BRISIN system everything should be monitored more especially Banks, Security Agencies, Government Agencies, Individual Entrepreneurs, Unemployed People, Uneducated People etc. And Please we hope the system should centralized all recruitment processes of Government Agencies more especially the Security Agencies (Military, Police and Paramilitaries) to promotes peace across the country.
    The system should be able to design national recruitment processes and should be the organization to monitor all nation Government owned recruitments.
    We want recruitment based on merit. We are after national development not personal development.

  • Awal Ezekiel Olatunji says:


    Without adequate data (Information) collection, Nigeria will be tossing like a pendulum. We would neither be here nor there.

    It is obviously impossible because data collection is the only alternative economical tools to cut across all other sectors including human behavioural attitude to its environments for a better and proper planning, evaluation, monitoring and management to achieve a good rewarding Nigeria.

    God bless Nigeria!!!

  • K ingsley Ameh says:

    Nigeria cannot fight corruption without adequate data, however, adequate data without the political will to address the issue of corruption holistically and objectively will amount to nothing. It is my hope that as efforts has been made to set up brisin, efforts should also be made to follow up on further processes after the datas are captured and provided.

  • Terkula Aondohemba Gabriel says:

    It is impossible to fight corruption with out accurate data, because data is the main source where we can get useful information in other to make good decisions. Nigeria needs a comprehensive data to deal with some issues that are hindering the progress of our dear country.

  • Lengkat says:

    it is not possible. to prosecute the war against corruption we need facts and figures to be able to win court cases, to be able to find people guilty send secure jail sentences for them. And those facts and figures could only be gotten from BRISIN.

  • Ishaya Solomon G. says:

    NO! Nigeria can’t fight corruption and societal vices without the help of accurate data. Accurate data will go a long way to assist the country in all aspects of it operations be it security, economy etc, in spite of that other medium will be needed in conjunction with it to curb corruption and societal vices.

  • Adeleke Olufemi says:

    It not possible to fight corruption without accurate data,because accurate data will power analysis and uncover unique insights with an extensive range of confidence indicators and global economic forcasts.

  • Buraimah Abdulazeez says:

    Without accurate,organize and precise data, fighting corruption will be a mirage. so BRISIN as a system of data collection, distributing and management would help with timely and up-to-date data for social-economic management.

  • Igwebueze Isaiah says:

    Well, the obvious answer to this question is ‘NO’, but in addition to data being a requisite to fighting corruption and other social vices in the country will be a conscious determination on the part of the ruling elite that the time to implement data governance is now. It will also require an unflinching commitment in implementing same. Experiences have taught us that as far as affairs in Nigeria are concerned, the problem is not about formulating policies, it is more to do with remaining steadfast and satisfying the tenets upon which the required results should materialise. I have a personal conviction that an agency like the proposed BRISIN will be a landmark and will surly promote Nigeria into the bigger league of advanced nations of the world

  • Abam says:

    almost everyone here is talking about data…i think most of our answers here are corrupt……inasmuch as data is a vital tool in mitigating corruption, corruption in its definition is vast… you and I can still fight corruption to a very large extend without data, lets be sincere to ourselves. the fight against corruption begins with each and everyone of us…we much change our attitude, obey the traffic laws, pay our taxes ,stop exam- malpractice, stop paying bribe to get jobs or other undue gains, indecent addressing among others, all these things mentions are apart of ICPC integrity code and are punishable by law…We can only hold our LEADERS ACCOUNTABLE when we are ACCOUNTABLE…INTEGRITY… INTEGRITY…. INTEGRITY: moral principle that is governed with sincerity, transparency, accountability, honestly etc. on a final note anti-corruption crusade begins with me and you together we can fight corruption.

    • Alfred Akpofure says:

      Mr Abam i must commend you for dearing to take a contrary notion but however what i deduced from your argument is that curroption can be fought on the stand point of MORALITY because from your examples, is like trying to get everyone in Nigeria not but bypass traffic, indulge in bribery or exams malpractice etc. But if you go back to the concept of morality in PHILOSOPHY you will find out that its impossible for everyone to agree on what is good or what is bad thats why some people kill and they are happy some defile children (paedophile ) and the fill they are doing what is right. My point is being that the human mind is dynamic everyone cannot act alike.
      This is where a system comes in. A system can be in form of a law that when people act contrary they get some kind of punishment but what is even relevant to our discussion is the DATA Bank system for instance in kenya recently CCT cameras where installed on the traffic light in major cities if u are caught defaulting u will be made to answer to the law. Some persons caught may tell u they were rushing their wife to the hospital now that is left to the invesgating team to know what to do with defaulters because all of them will have a reason they did it (dynamics of human).
      Now lastly let me state here that the countries that are least curropt did not archive such heights on the bases of MORALITY but in installing systems that refrain defaulters from acting in certain ways. Sometimes you see the whites when they leave their countries and come to Nigeria they engage in corrupt practice it is because our system are vulnerable what they wont do in USA they will do it in Nigeria.
      So my conclusion without an effective data system there is no serious fight against curroption preaching MORALITY is good but it won’t be effective.

  • Dr. Adegbite Taye Joseph says:

    Yes, Nigeria can fight corruption.

    • Dr. Adegbite Taye Joseph says:

      What I meant is that Nigeria can’t fight corruption without accurate data system. For example we can see the good job the BVN that was implementedmy CBN is doing for us today in curbing corruption relating to cash transactions in the bank, especially ghost workers in the civil services.

  • Ijwo Peter says:

    Obviously no, they can be no corruption fight without accurate data, even economic planning too depends majorly on accurate data, without which all efforts and target may land on wrong citizens.

  • Abubakar Mohammed Nuhu says:

    Data base management is a vital key towards economic development and national strategic planning of any country with Nigeria not exempted…
    Majority of woes (corruption,unemployment,crimes e.t.c) befalling Nigeria are as a result of lack proper data management.that is why the BRISIN Project is a right peg in the right hole
    So therefore,Nigeria can not succeed in the fight against corruption wirhout acurate and proper data management
    Thank you

    • Chukwuka Obiora says:

      The answer is NO. It is impossible to stop corruption in an inadequate and inaccurate data based country like ours. When you keep accurate data or information, you will easily identify every misinterpretation made. BRISIN will be a good addition to the presidency as it will provide accurate data to the government on project planning and engagement so as to reduce the risk of project fund embezzlement by individuals.


    Simply No. Data collection and analysis is very important in the fight against corruption as this would make the work of the agencies involved to execute their tasks diligently.

  • udo Linus akan says:

    The answer is a resounding NO, accurate data is required.

  • Aminu Bala Adamu says:

    Of Course, Nigeria can fight corruption but it needs accurate data to do that.

  • Bashiru Abdulkareem says:

    as much as timely data is necessary to curb incessant mismanagement in Nigeria, credible hands are also required to make sure we are not using a basket to fetch water from the well. Nigeria has all the potential to be great but like I often say to people, the challenge is that we have everything. If you take a critical look at the world, you will discover that its countries with scarcely natural resources are more developed than the ones with everything……………..

  • NO sir. data are very vital and can not be under -estimated ….everybody need data for growth and development… assist in nations wealth distribution….it help to combat financial crime…..Nigeria as a developing country need accurate data ,from government agency like BRISIN, For actualization of it master plan…. may GOD bless BRISIN AND May GOD bless NIGERIA.

  • No!
    Nigeria cannot fight corruption without accurate data because Nigeria needs to have all the data of their citizens both those residing in Nigeria and Diaspora at her finger tips to enable her fight corruption effectively and efficiently. The data will enable Nigeria to know the totality of people inhabiting her country, the totality of people that are working that is (working class), and the totality of people that are not working, but fail within the age bracket of working, willing and able to do work but has no work to do, this set of people constitute what will called dependent. The ability of Federal Government to have this statistics at her finger tips will enable her to plan for those that are dependent. Enact a policy that will be for the interest of those that dependent, because if those that are dependent are not adequately taking care of they constitute nuisance and restiveness in the society.
    Accurate data will enable the Federal Government to no those that are legal workers and fish out those that are ghost workers. The resources that is being wasted on ghost workers can now be plunge into the economy for economic growth and development

  • Xclusive Analyst says:

    Obviously not Possible

  • Iniobong Ukpong Jnr says:

    I think together we fight corruption, if only INTEGRITY will be our watch word….

  • Jumbo Innocent Akomaye says:

    No. Data is key. So for Nigeria to fight corruption there is need for adequate and accurate data

  • Musa Muhammed says:

    No,as data are edited to become information which is life. So should Nigeria have accurate data base corruption, insurgency, insecurity and unemployment will addressed using data, without stress.

  • Bilal Musa says:

    I don’t think so


    The truth is nothing can stand without proper and accurate information and data. God almighty the author and master of all things have accurate information and data about all his creation and that’s why he’s perfect in all his affairs about his creation. Thus for Nigeria government to succeed in its quest for good governance which includes the topic of this discussion, accurate information and data shouldn’t be comprised.

  • Ajao Mumeen says:

    Correct data of citizens online will help fight corruption.

  • Ahmed Akinola says:

    Fighting corruption is practically impossible without accurate data and information. Coming of BRISIN is long overdue!

  • Kekong Joseph okpe says:

    Accurate data must be taken in order to corruption and focast possible ways

  • Kekong Joseph okpe says:

    Absolutely NO

  • Akong Gregory says:

    Data being an important factor for every decision that heads towards development cannot be done without as they (data) are in need in every aspect of life. With accurate data, great decisions are made to spring growth and development, and handle all social cum societal vices to the bearest minimum. Data can be used to fight corruption.

  • S. K. Abdulahi says:

    NO. Fighting corruption without accurate data will be like finding a needle in haystacks.

  • Aniebiet Friday Ukana says:

    No, corruption and societal vices can only be fight through the use of accurate data (information). So BRISIN is a welcome development, which will help our country (Nigeria) so much in all areas of economy.

  • Bahago Nosah says:

    Fighting curruption in Nigeria is not possible even with a data base for the following reasons:
    1. Irregularities in all military and paramilitary decoctions has not been checked, they are so currupt, NPF still comfortably collects #50 on checkpoints without any fear because they have the backing of superior officers, security agencies brutalise members of the public without paying heed to human rights
    2. The government uses the security agencies for political thuggery
    3. The government still favours party corrupt members
    4. The JUDICIARY, EFCC, ICPC and, INEC have not been given full autonomy, the autonomy/independence alleged to be granted is only a side of a coin, the president changes the chairs anytime he wishes, even a case filed in the court of law takes ages to come to an end
    5.Freedom of the press have not been granted. The press are limited on what to broadcast and members harassed and detained without charges
    6. Religion fanatism and nepotism is allowed to thrive in the country, neglecting the federal character rule
    7. The government has no regard for the rule of law
    8. The price of party candidature forms is preposterous, preventing others from contesting for public office
    9. Vote buying and rigging of elections has glaringly become the order of the day without any penalty whatsoever
    10. Even with the little data base the country operates, it selects which to act upon, and which to bury, that is, selective fight of corruption
    Thus, when this irregularities are checked to the bearest minimum, corruption will fight itself, otherwise, it’s an effort in futility, waste of manpower, and resources even with the data base.

  • Atabo iko-ojo says:

    Corruption is not only about bribes: People especially the poor get hurt when resources are wasted. That’s why it is so important to understand the different kinds of corruption to develop smart responses.
    Power of the people: Create pathways that give citizens relevant tools to engage and participate in their governments – identify priorities, problems and find solutions.

  • falade victor mayowa says:

    It will really help provide the data are accurate and multiple imputation of data about a particular aspect is not in place. Using the registration for the election as sample. The manner at which the system used to generate individual data give room for multiple registration which brings about having a huge number of register voters among let’s that 70% do always cast their vote and among this little still exist multiple voting by some individual. Another example is in the area of census, am more than certain that Nigerian population is never as much as we have in the census data. Their are lots of permutations done by every tribe just to proof they have huge population to present for either community or personal gain.
    But when a system is on do really track all this, then corruption will gradually go into history

  • Jalil says:

    It is not possible.

  • OKON UDOH john says:

    Through data collection, past incidences of corrupt practices in any sector of the country will be documented and this will help to further taking adequate and appropriate action to correcting and tackling corruption. So,to me,prompt data collection will go along way in tackling corruption in Nigeria…

  • Monday Simeon Musa says:

    Absolutely no. Part of the reason why corruption seems to be a norm in Nigeria is because of poor and inaccurate data. It is so easy to cut corner without being caught because data can be easily manipulated without being. Imagine a situation where we can’t reliably say so and so amount of crude was produced in a day and lifted from point a to point b with certainty despite the fact its the mainstay of the country’s economy. For Nigeria to holistically fight corruption, the importance of accurate, timely and reliable data cannot be overemphasize. This is why the coming of BRISIN is timely and should be given every support needed to get it running.

  • Ahmed Akinola says:

    No, it’s not possible

  • Ukaegbu Stanley says:

    Without accurate data, the fight against corruption is a failed project.

  • Ayoola Olabisi Joseph says:

    It maybe true that as a people, we cannot tackle the monster called corruption without accurate data collection and utilization…but i think we are leaving out a very important point here, which is INTEGRITY.

    Proper data gathering does not equal efficient utilization, in the same vein as utilization does not equal integrity. I strongly believe that if the management of BRISIN is to make any mark on the sands of time, her polices, programmes, staff members must by no means be of impeccable characters, sound proof integrity of the highest standard.

    Among other things, the integrated dynamics of the organization sets it apart from other governmental and private agencies who are mono functional in nature.
    The sky is the limit to the achievements of the organization, so long as INTEGRITY is our watchword.

    Thank you.

  • Yusuf Haruna says:

    Even a living home cannot succeed without knowing the actual members of that house, how often they eat, thier sizes in terms weight and height, their passion and other basics of life. Not to talk of a big country like Nigeria.

  • Yading Gabriel M says:

    Absolutely no! To fight someone or something you must have a link to that thing, Nigeria really need a centralized data center to move forward in all facet of its development.

  • Muhammad Nur Ibrahim says:

    we cannot fight corruption without data


    Its definitely not possible, how can you fight corruption without first knowing the level and grievous amount of corruption been undertaken in a geographical area, office and sector. You can not persecute one in a law court without concrete evidences. Brisin implementation will also help the government to know the amount of funds needed to be disbursed for a particular project in a ward, local council or state because they must have gotten the accurate data and information needed from that area, it will be alot more easier for the government to make perfect calculations of needed and non needed funds via the implementation of BRISIN

  • Shenjobi Paul says:

    as much as timely data is necessary to curb incessant mismanagement in Nigeria, credible hands are also required to make sure we are not using a basket to fetch water from the well. Nigeria has all the potential to be great but like I often say to people, the challenge is that we have everything. If you take a critical look at the world, you will discover that its countries with scarcely natural resources are more developed than the ones with everything

  • Ashiwere Monday O. says:

    Earnestly, no Nation on earth can survive nor be able to curb corruption or any other form of criminal vices without an adequate and proper data management… It’s worthy of note that, no motor car functions without an engine. Therefore, DATA as a matter of fact, could simply be described as the Muscular Organ in any effort towards curbing corruption in our dear Country Nigeria and the world at large….
    “A big Kudos to BRISIN”…

  • OBI EUGENE says:

    I believe information gathering and updated data well kept can go a long way to dislodge corrupt practices. BRISIN has the great capacity to harness this data for present and futuristic use in our dear country Nigeria.

    In all, organized data terminates the lingering corruption experienced in several sectors. BRISIN has come to stay for Naija huge benefits.

  • Awugosi Edith says:

    In my opinion, figure manipulation has been the key through which corruption survives. So having accurate figure would lead to less manipulation and So curb corruption. So it’s No for me

  • Yusuf Ibrahim says:

    Yusuf Ibrahim from Niger State
    Obviously, Nigeria can not fight corruption without factual data record of the citizens because when a nation knows her population size it will help for effective planning and implementation of any project.

  • Shuaibu Abubakar says:

    Is evidence today that developed nation like America and Britain are able to checkmate crime and other vices with minimal effort due to updated data bank and information of there citizenry, in Nigeria is not that there are no other agencies that are in charge of data and statistics but they all function according to there immediate need and peculiarity, with outdated and false data and information, Brisin is a system that will provide link and harmony between the existing agencies and provide time to time updated and accurate data, that will help in executing policies and combating corruption that has been a menace to the growth and progress of the nation.

  • No Nigeria can not fight coruption with out accurate data so that we have to be good character, honesty, & integrity during data collection no need to change any thing it, inorder to fight coruption in my father land which is Nigeria.

  • Nigeria can not fight coruption with out accurate data so that we have to be good character, honesty, & integrity during data collection no need to change any thing in it, inorder to fight coruption in my father land which is Nigeria

  • Anicho joy says: is not can saves life. with data you have the facts to tackle a given problem and corruption has cut across most facet of life and sector but with accurate data we can curbed if not eliminate corruption and its we need all the data to fight corruption and other societal vices.

  • Lawal Akibu says:

    No. This is because development and desired result are primarily powered by accurate data and information. Developed countries have only achieved much in the fight against corruption and societal vices because of qualitative data management and usage. With this, adequate monitoring and observation of what goes in and out is ensured. But in Nigeria, apart from innovative data collection and utilization, other factors as regards ethics and positive mindsets are necessary to achieve the needful.

  • Murtala Muhammad ishaq says:

    If you fail to plan you plan to to fail but you can’t implement or execute you plans without accurate data and well examined information in place. Corruption and other societal vices such as trafficking, kidnappings etc..can’t be adequately tackle without proper and comprehensive data and information in place..


    Corruption and social vices are a major problem in Nigeria and objectivity in combating the problem is the key to success. But without accurate and timely data capturing, to track most of these crimes is a major limiting factors. To that end, it will be a very challenging task to combat corruption without having the right data and proper flow channel for disseminating and retrieving information as at when due.
    In this regard , Nigeria can not fight corruption and other societal vices without accurate data.

  • Opejin Abdulahi says:

    Nigeria can not fight corruption and other societal vices without quality data. Simply put, the essence of data accuracy can never be overstated as it provides basis and trusted data for people and government upon which decisions are made and policies are formulated.
    When we have accurate data automatically we will have credible and high quality data at hand because they are directly proportional to one another. Accurate data will help government and her agencies to be able to see through the wall every hidden individual’s or group that are corrupt or posing threats to development of the Country.
    However, With the help of Forensic Biology (I.e Forensic DNA, Biometry system) and face recognition technology, Criminals could be trace, apprehend and punish according to law of the country.
    For the Forensic Biology (Forensic DNA and Forensic Biometry), data about every individual’s fingerprints ( thumb, index and all others), picture (through face recognition technology) and also blood sample would be collected (at health centers, Hospital as case may be) and geo-referenced it to a particular geographical location in the country. So in this case, if anybody commit a crime it would be easy to trace them.

  • Sabo Aliyu Yaji says:

    With data governance, I vehemently believe it’s gonna bring an overwhelming positive results… As much as people adhere to the rule of law, those in authority turned to manupulate the system to their advantage as custodian of the policy. therefor without data governance it quite complex and intricate to eradicate fraud and corruption in any spheres of the goverment.

  • Asifat says:

    Definitely no.
    Having an accurate data is not only a tool in fighting corruption but serve in exposing all corrupt act from the bottom to the top. And dis will also help the foreign investors in having trust in our system

  • Shuaibu Abubakar says:

    Indeed accurate data and information can be a very good tool in checkmating and tackling corruption.

  • adunola oluwasegun says:

    fighting corruption and other societal vices without accurate data will amount to a waste of time and resources.

  • Durueke Vivian says:

    Not possible, without verifiable and accurate data the economy will keep dwindling.

  • Olarewaju Mufutau Muhammed says:

    Accurate data is needed for the government to be able to guide against corruption and other societal vices in Nigeria. With accurate data and information, all the possible loopholes for corruption can be easily blocked.

  • John, Prince Wurasi says:

    Fighting corruption without data will be like the case of using basket to fetch water from the sea or River. So it is impossible to fight corruption without accurate data and information Registry

  • Zubair Moshood says:

    At this time, Nigeria need an information and data system that will bring together all others scattered informations, just like BRISIN is thriving. With this, accurate, appropriate and vital information that is necessary for development and progress of the Nation. BRISIN is the answer to all Nigeria problems.

  • Oluwatoyin Ezekiel Matthew says:

    My answer is no. This is because corruption in Nigeria is endemic; deeply rooted in our system. The government of Nigeria will perform better in the fight against corruption and other societal vices if their is deeply entrenched information system on ground from the ward level to the national level. This information system will provide accurate data on the material and financial resources accrued to the local, state and federal government making it difficult to steal these resources at will. Accurate data on every sector of the economy will put a spotlight on them making it difficult for economic saboteurs to sabotage the efforts of the government, thereby enhancing accountability and probity in handling the nation’s resources.

  • Oluwaseyi says:

    No,Nigeria can not fight corruption and other societal vices without accurate Data.
    No country of the world can or has been able to fight corruption or any other societal vises without reliable and accurate information and in as much we still lay little or no emphasis on our information system in this part of the world we will still remain as one of the most backward nation on earth because I wonder how we do cater for what we don’t know or even have related understanding of and I stand not to be corrected that this has always been the lapses our leader focuses on to perpetrate their evil act called corruption that has eaten us deep as a nation, since there is no check and balances ask me, who does that what do you check and balance? I attended a community meeting sometimes last year 2018 in my area somewhere around lagos mainland due to security challenges facing the area and we all agreed on contributing some money so as to put entrance gates in place and I came up with an idea to have the knowledge of all the residents of the area which is feasible so as to have more funds to support the project in order to reduce the rate of avoidance because that has always being the challenges but was shut down by one of the elders who was clueless of my reason and believe me you up till date nothing has been done after my contribution which I can’t be sure of others why? because the turnout was not impressive as a result that brought about discouragement and that was the end of the whole show because even the ones collected no one knows anything about it till date.
    In summary there is need for us as a nation to know what we are catering for in order to bring about TRANSPARENCY ACCOUNTABILITY RELIABILITY and above all ENCOURAGEMENT on part of the citizens so as to expedite actions on the development we all craved for for proper management since is our collective responsibilities but both the head and the tale must be collectively responsible.

  • Elizabeth Eboh says:

    Having accurate data remains the wayforward in fighting corruption in Nigeria hence Brisin is a good tool for achieving a corruption free Nigeria

  • No way,acurate data and information is a life blood of evry economy and societal growth n development.without acurate data all effort in fighting corruption n societal vices is like chasing after d wind

  • Tsav says:

    Please what is going on with Brisin recruitment

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