BRISIN begins public awareness in FCT

By October 15, 2018BRISIN News

Basic Registry and Information System of Nigeria (BRISIN) says it has commenced public awareness creation on the first phase of its programme in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).
Dr Anthony Uwa, the Head of BRISIN, made this known at the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) Forum in Abuja.

BRISIN, an integrated system for the collection, storage and distribution of information to support the management of the country’s economy, was conceived during former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s regime.


Uwa said that though the technical committee for implementation of the programme was inaugurated by former President, Goodluck Jonathan, actual implementation is now being undertaken by the Buhari administration.

He said BRISIN had conducted digital mapping of FCT wards, people living in the city and their culture, among others.

“We have done a digital mapping of Nigeria but FCT mostly; we know where the wards are, the people that are living in the city and their culture.

“What we need now is to start the system data collection, distribution and to have the infrastructure in place.

“BRISIN has come to stay in Nigeria and it will work, notwithstanding doubts expressed in some quarters, because the Federal government is taking a stand to ensure its success,” he said.

According to Uwa, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is planning a sensitisation meeting on BRISIN for all foreign missions in Nigeria and international organisations to aid understanding of the programme.

He said the technical committee coordinating the project was putting measures in place to address issues of bureaucracy to ensure speedy implementation in Ministries, Departments and Agencies.


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  • Okelinga Chinedu Gordon says:

    I am really glad about this development and I must say that it is a welcome development, I pray that God gives you the wisdom to pull this through. God bless Nigeria

  • Gbenga says:

    Good day sir/ma, i really want to commend for a wonderful job being done at your office and for the quick release of the first stage recruitment exercise. I write to ask when the screening exercise will take place. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

  • I believed Nigeria one day will be more than this thank you BRISIN

  • Oluwagbenga says:

    with this, i have no doubt the better Nigeria is beginning to form, I am interested and impressed. God bless Nigeria.

  • Egbeh Lucky Egbeh (jr) says:

    please update on screening

  • Atabo iko-ojo says:

    Good day Sir, Thank you for the implementation and for wiping away tears from Nigerian youths, God will reward you in abundance. hoping to know the screening date and venue. Bless you sir.

  • Kolawole babatunde says:

    Good job sir/ma,I hope this will be as transparent as other work of this administration.brisin is here to stay.Gid bless u

  • Ezekiel Mathias Sathmak says:

    A right step in the right direction, an applause to this great initiation. Nigeria is gradually moving forward. May God Help us.

  • This is a great reality development in the system of our Economic Nigeria

  • Great, I really like it! Youre awesome

  • Peterkin says:

    I actually, feel so glad on this initiative and believing that the change we all hope for has began. I also pray sincerely that the Almighty God will champion this initiative to the success to benefit every youth, hope to get update on the screening date soon

  • Isah Suleiman says:

    Am proud to be in Nigeria

  • Unuatohwo Benedict says:

    Good day Sir,
    Your effort to ensure that BRISIN works in a welcome development to Nigeria. Please Sir keep it up. God will surely bless you.

  • Adefala Kazeem Adeolu says:

    A right step in the right direction. This is a welcome development for the country and Nigeria is gradually moving forward to achievement . God Help Nigeria.

  • This is a plus to the development of Nigeria and to Buhari administration

  • ADEOYE Toba Moses says:

    God will grant all hands strength for successful implementation

  • innocent says:

    Kudos to you sir,may God in his infinite mercy keep this dream and hope alive,this will help cub down any societal vices and corruption in our nation,I love this program and hope to be among the officers that will embark on the task,thanks


    Beautiful, it is a stepping stone to success and we are looking forward to working with you for greater achievements soon.

  • Onyemaechi Moses Chima says:

    Nice and wonderful initiative from ‘BRISIN’ I pray for the sustainability of the programme, as it meets with the vision and objective. Pls keep us posted on the next phase.

  • Martins Odufu says:

    A bold step to a better Nigeria. A nation with good and reliable data will get it’s economy, social and political planning right and this ensures positive growth in all sectors of the economy… Nice work from BRISIN I can’t wait to be part of this wonderful idea and endeavors long live BRISIN, long live Nigeria

  • Nice one, Nigeria is moving forward for a better tomorrow. Am extremely happy for the implementation of Brisin, I pray the Lord will guide us and lead us through. sir, please when is the exercise coming up for the second stage. We are moving gradually and the sky will not only be our limit. It will be our Stepping stone. Thanks to Brisin


    How can you fight corruption without first knowing the level and grievous amount of corruption been undertaken in a geographical area, office and sector. You can not persecute one in a law court without concrete evidences. Brisin implementation will also help the government to know the amount of funds needed to be disbursed for a particular project in a ward, local council or state because they must have gotten the accurate data and information needed from that area, it will be alot more easier for the government to make perfect calculations of needed and non needed funds via the implementation of BRISIN

  • Osmond says:

    I appreciate all that is involve in this initiative, is a welcome development because any nation without an examined information system of their citizens and non citizens is like a planless society without focus. Civilised countries needs such agency for adequate and faster development of social and economic policies. So kudos to u all,but the site has not open as at 10:30am for the test when I checked.

  • Aiyenale Oluseyi Elizabeth says:


  • Anthony Azubike says:

    Time is a very good and welcome development for Nigeria. Let us move this country forward for once at least. Conceived during OBJ and inaugurated during GEJ but not fully on ground. Please keep the good work let us wipe away corruption for good

  • Ado Alhassan Umar says:

    Ado Alhassan Umar says:
    I am very happy to shows my appreciation concerning BRISIN Implementation in Nigeria. This problem will helps to overcome the issues of insecurities, Food shortages, unemployment and other things that hinder the development of a great Nigeria. Thanks Mr. President for your concerned in the Implementation. Allah will help to achieve the success for this journey.

    Best regards.

    • Ado Alhassan Umar says:

      BRISIN Implementation programme is a well come development for a developing countries like Nigeria. BRISIN all most touches every aspect of the Nigerian economy. Corruption is a major problem in Nigeria, so BRISIN will play vital role to overcome this challenge. Insecurity and other cultural and religious crisis will solve with helps of brisin information across the Nigeria.

      Best regards.

  • Ado Alhassan Umar says:

    BRISIN Implementation programme is a well come development for a developing countries like Nigeria. BRISIN all most touches every aspect of the Nigerian economy. Corruption is a major problem in Nigeria, so BRISIN will play vital role to overcome this challenge. Insecurity and other cultural and religious crisis will solve with helps of brisin information across the Nigeria.

    Best regards.

  • Asifat says:

    Having data bank is the only way to harness development in nigeria and also to reduce crime rate. Kudos to the administration that started it and the administration that is implementing it.

  • Chioma says:

    Rightly said … BRISIN IS HERE TO STAY,NO GOING BACK. Thanks to Federal govt and Dr Anthony Uwa with all the committee, hoping that the recruitment will be transparent and fair.

  • Chioma says:

    Nice work well done

  • John, Prince Wurasi says:

    Great and wonderful job, God is restoring his lost Glory on Nigeria. The good days is here. To God be the Glory for great this he has done using BRISIN.

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