Dr Anothy Uwa

Head of BRISIN implementation in Nigerian


Can we  learn to look and transmit Nigeria as an expanding universe growing with the contribution of its citizens,  seeing Nigeria with eyes that know how to read what it was in the past, and search of  what it will be in the future.

Building Nigeria is not only about critics without participation for you to demonstrate your love for Nigeria, it must go beyond personal interest.

What we ignore of  Nigeria materializes our fears freeing our curiosity for individual responsibility to praying and waiting for miracle

The shifting boundary of knowledge as a solution to the threats to collective future  poses risk of understanding what actually we need to do.

Think Nigeria if you love Nigeria

BRISIN an instrument of measurement and  sustainability an alliance, to peace and civil coexistence between Nigeria a friend of  internal security, legality and equality being a conscious citizen today in a modern computerized Nigeria where ( land registry, motorization, health, environment, revenue), in Nigeria is redefining ways of life that offers new business opportunities, in total security.

The sustainable technological evolution applied to the BRISIN office, definitely introduces the concept of innovation as a force capable of redefining existing arrangements evolving in continuous adherence to the opportunities offered.

No measurability and traceability in space and time, that allow to connect any level of control to data and information and visa-vis puts the distance to the hypothesis of a strong and sure future for Nigeria as Africa’s leader

Nigerian culture and patriotism,  united by the zeal for change become the engine for the implementation of the BRISIN system.

BRISIN International Foundation is created to support the government budget for the implementation of BRISIN, and other social welfare projects including but not limited to BRISIN/Disability data bank.