BRISIN pledges transparency in ongoing recruitment

By October 15, 2018BRISIN News

The Basic Registry and Information System of Nigeria (BRISIN)
has assured Nigerians of transparency in the recruitment of personnel needed for the implementation of the programme.

The Coordinator of the programme, Dr Anthony Uwa at the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) Forum in Abuja, said the programme planned to recruit 5,000 unemployed Nigerians in the pilot phase in the Federal Capital Territory.

According to Uwa, there will be no favoritism in the recruitment process as everything will be
done based on merit.

“The BRISIN recruitment is not like any other recruitment. It is very transparent; if you are qualified you will be automatically taken and once the list comes out, you will go for interview.

“About 200 people will go to Italy for training and will come back to train some people here in Nigeria, so we don’t short-change anybody.

“If you are qualified, you apply. You don’t need to know anybody to apply to become a BRISIN staff because we want the system that is hitherto sleeping to be awake.

“If you start by saying you got a letter from a senator, it will not work; we want people on ground to really do the job and to really know the importance of the job.’’

Uwa urged Nigerians seeking employment in the system to beware of fraudsters, stressing that BRISIN did not engage any consultant to handle the employment.

He said that prospective applicants could register via the BRISIN portal (



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  • Muhammed Jemilu says:

    We will be delighted if the recruitment procedures is transparent as stated.
    Very many sharp practices and favoritism that have engulfed public sectors recruitment overtime have created a dissatisfied and unfulfilled feelings among Nigeria applicants.
    We hope to see the objective of the agency realized without prejudice in any of the processes.
    With this disposition Nigeria will be great again.
    And I aspire to be selected so as to contribute my best genuinely to the realization of the agency predetermined goals.

    • OLUWA ADEKUNLE says:

      I sincerely hope the whole recruitment process will be transparent as said by the coordinator,Dr.Anthony Uwa.At least we need a new Nigeria without corruption.God bless Nigeria

  • Isah Andy says:

    Bravo Dr Anthony, together we’ll make Nigeria great!

  • Bello Mubarak Mu'azu says:

    I believe in what you said sir, because i applied without knowing anybody, and last week my name came up on the list of shortlisted applicants. Keep the transparency up.

  • Zakari Idris Mato says:

    This is a welcoming Development gotten a job with out knowing anybody than you Brisin team under the leadership of Dr Anthony Uwa Atleast You carry the Pladge.

  • UMAR ISAH says:

    I agreed with your statement sir,my has been shortlisted May the almighty Grant u the ability to transpire. God bless you

  • George says:

    Good work sir, you actually kept to your promises, i applied without any connection and i was shortlisted first in Nigeria

  • Sodiq Ibrahim Omotosho says:

    Brisin is setting pace for other MDA’s in recruitment process. I never envisaged transparency in Nigeria government recruitment exercise but BRISIN cleared my doubts.

  • Habibu Zayyana says:

    Yes, I strongly agreed that, there is transparency in BRISIN recruitment process. Because, i don’t have a single close relative working with FG or politician, but my name appeared in the shortlisted list. Thank God, thank BRISIN.

  • Tijani Yunusa says:

    Thanks to Dr Anthony Uwah and other Brisin Officers for keeping to your words. Thanks so much

  • Tijani Yunusa says:

    Thanks to Dr Anthony Uwa and other Brisin Officers for reviving the hope of the common citizens.

  • Abdulrahman Olayimika Ameen says:

    Thank you for the good job. May the lord continue to bless Nigeria. I applied without knowing anyone and my name came up among the first phase. I pray I’m among the finalist after the whole screening. God bless Nigeria

  • Amah Okon Ikoedem says:

    Thank you, sir! BRISIN’s transparency, credibility and integrity have been showcased already for all to see. Let’s make Nigeria globally respected!

  • Asogwa Chika Godson says:

    BRISIN is the best agency in Nigeria, with regards to employment and organization, I rate brisin 100% transparent. The director / head of the agency I say very big thank you for this great step forward. Together to the next level

  • Olaniyan Samuel Opeyemi says:

    Great idea. I see Nigeria waxing strong with BRISIN initiative. Congrats to my fellow shortlisted applicants. Success all through.

  • Adikpe Iyata Anthony says:

    I applied normally and got shortlisted. I’m happy!

  • Egwuoba NKechinyere says:

    I believe your words
    Let’s make Nigeria better

  • Aliyu musa dawaki says:

    I’m Aliyu musa dawaki, i like this program and insha Allah we will do with all our best if been successful


    Thank you Mr Uwa, you are a Man of integrity Sir. I applied and was picked, but still waiting for the screening,interview and training dates, because I saw my name on the list released last week. KAYODE MICHAEL IDOWU, Ekiti State indigen living in Lagos, please I need update regarding other things to do Sir. 07080785578.
    Thank you Sir and I am waiting for a reply sooner Sir.

  • Anthony says:

    Yes sir, transparency is the key, Nigeria will be better.

  • This system called Brisin will really get Nigeria seriously working. The whole idea is geniunely for the progress of Nigeria and its populace. The transparency so far, if continued will go along way transforming Nigeria. The management is extremely doing great in maintaining their integrity so far about the scheme. I thank FG for this opportunity.

  • Odeja Kikelomo Elizabeth says:

    I really appreciate the management and those involved in the process of recruitment for their sincerity and transparency in the first stage of shirtlisting. We are looking forward to the screening and final shortlistment. Please inform us if early to prepare for exam, interview or screening via our email. Thanks once again..

  • Oleh Donald Voke says:

    #Truly Nigeria will work and be great again. The BRISIN selection process was transparent. I was shortlisted without knowing anyone. #GodblessNigeria

  • Isma'il Rabi'u Tanko says:

    Of course BRISIN shortlist have cleared my doubts, as i was selected without knowing anybody.
    This makes me regain hope, keeping me quite optimistic that, with time surely Nigeria shall revive to its past glory.
    I’ll be glad to know the next step after being short listed.
    I Congratulate all shortlisted applicants

  • Lawrence Bassey says:

    I want to appreciate the good work Mr Chairman is doing. I applied normally without knowing anybody in government, My name was shortlisted. BRISIN is more transparent and with this better Nigeria is guaranteed


    This is one of the greatest achievement so far, BRISIN mode of shortlist has really captivated my doubt and has made me realized that goods are coming out of this country, big thanks to the CHAIRMAN and member of the board. I hope to see myself working in a transparent environment “BRISIN” .

  • Bolou B.D says:

    Good work Dr Anthony Uwa, may many Nigerian leaders learn from you to create a greater Nigeria, sir. The short listed names speak large volume about your integrity and this is the only way Nigeria will develop in equilibrium without religion, nepotism, tribalism and favouritism. The level of “man-knows-man” in Nigeria is disgusting and worsening as the years go by.

  • Abubakar Mohammed Nuhu says:

    Good work to the founder of BRISIN system in Nigeria its really a good step in the right direction.
    Please we need to know wen the second phase of the screening will hold
    Thank you Dr Anthony Uwa.. 👍

  • Okey Uzoukwu says:

    We the masses without any godfather sincerely pray and hope that the system here work as Dr.Anthony Uwa said and we will forever be grateful to you.We are all Nigerians and deserve equal treatment with those that have godfathers.Thank you and God bless.

  • Ugochukwu-Ekeh Chidera helen. says:

    I sincerely commend BRISIN for transparency in the ongoing recruitment. More grace to the good work.

  • Ogunbiyi Michael says:

    I believe in New Nigeria, for the first time I applied for federal government job and I saw my name on the shortlisted list. Great work sir at Dr Uwa God bless.





    This is the era I have been looking up to in my life time, when applicants are given jobs on merit and not on sentiments. Nigeria will be GREAT again. I was shortlist when I have nobody but GOD. Kudos to Dr. Uwa and the selection team. Proudly a NIGERIAN.


    I am delighted with this new development I applied for BRISIN and I found my name among the shortlisted candidates.

    Its very rare in my country to applied for a job in the Federal level without you knowing any top politician but this one is really transparent.

    Kudos BRISIN team

  • Atabo iko-ojo says:

    You have done a ”Great work” Sir. If we have someone like you, this country will be alleviated from corruption. Dr. Anthony Uwa you are a ”rare gem” .

    • Kekong Joseph okpe says:

      This system will really scrap corruption out of Nigeria, am grateful that we have u at this point in time…Dr Anthony Uwa

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